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Is breaking your hymen normal?

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Hymen is the membranous covering of the vagina. This tissue offers protection to the vagina primarily against infection but it inevitably breaks at some point of time as girls grow.


Hymen breaking is normal: An overview

Hymen breaking is a normal process but has several implications. The most popular myth surrounding this topic is- “a girl without hymen” has lost her virginity! The statement is partially true because there are several circumstances under which the hymen breaks with or without her knowledge.

A girl can break her hymen while cycling, riding horse, dancing, sports, exercising, gymnastics, etc. It can also break during heavy flow of periods and while using tampoons. As a matter of fact, any activity that exerts pressure on the vagina can break the hymen naturally.

Another circumstance under which a woman finds first time hymen breaking a pleasurable experience is- while indulging in foreplay, self masturbation or during sexual intercourse. The common statement used for this activity is “losing virginity”

There might be pain and bleeding if your vagina has been exposed to too much pressure like falling while riding, hurting the sensitive zone or while having powerful intercourse. Otherwise, you won’t realize if your hymen has broken at all which is again very normal.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: October 25, 2014

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