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Hygiene rules for maintaining healthy vagina

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Maintain the vaginal ph

The ph of the vagina when maintained within the healthy range i.e. 3.8-4.5  protects you from a  number of vaginal infections. So, avoid any activity that would disrupt the normal ph.  For this, we strongly recommend not to douche or flush your vagina harshly

Ask your doctor

Often women have strong unpleasant odour in their vagina. So instead of using perfumed personal care cosmetics randomly, you can take your doctor’s help. He/she would suggest the ideal product for you that would not irritate your vagina.

Clean your private parts daily

You must rinse your private parts daily to ensure the best personal hygiene. Use a mild and preferably lukewarm water to rinse yourself. However, we advise once again to be gentle when you wash the inside of your vagina to avoid washing off the healthy flora residing there.

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Take extra care during periods

You are vulnerable to infections during menstrual periods. The rule for healthy vagina during menstruation is to change your pads frequently, at least every 2-4 hours. However, do not rinse your vagina vigorously to get away with the stain. Avoid using perfumed products like talcum powder or deodorants to get rid of the offensive smell.

Never sleep with a tampoon. Change your tampoon at an interval of 2-4 hours. We recommend you to not use tampoons unless you really need it. Sanitary pads are safer than tampoons.

Before and after sex

It’s always safe to use condoms while having sex irrespective of the fact you are infected or your partner is infected. The vagina is an easy route for sexually transmitted diseases, so you have to be careful. Either you or your partner should wear condoms to safeguard the health of the vagina.

Another way to reduce risk of bacterial infection is to urinate after sex. This would reduce your risk of having UTI or bladder infections.

Clean your private zones gently before and after sex

Dry yourself before wearing underpants

Moisture and humidity promotes growth of bacteria. So dry yourself after having shower with a soft towel. Gently pat dry without rubbing your private zone and then wear your panty. You can carry tissues or a hand towel with yourself while going out.

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Eat a balanced diet

Diet also plays a significant role in maintaining the ph of the vagina. Yogurt is an excellent food for healthy vagina. Also include lots of citrus fruits in your diet to protect yourself from vaginal infections and restoring the normal ph balance.

Hygiene of your underwear

Often women contract infections from their underwear. Thus, you cannot compromise on it. Change your underwear more than once a day and make sure they are clean and properly washed.

Next wear cotton panties and innerwear for regular use, while travelling etc. They help your vagina breathe and prevent sweating in your private parts. Nylon and tight fabrics interfere with air circulation which further creates a favourable environment for bacterial growth.

Lastly, your underwear should be dry. Use a tissue paper to dry yourself after urinating or use panty liners to keep your underwear dry.

Watch for signs of infections

Try to recognize the unusual signs that you might be encountering in your vagina. Watch out for warts, itching, pain, unusual discharge, etc. These are symptoms of vaginal infections that need medical supervision. Thus, you need to go for a medical check up with your gynaecologist.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: January 07, 2015

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