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Using Vaginal Suppositories

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It is advised to use vaginal suppositories just before the bedtime. Lying down will minimize the leakage of medication from the vagina which could possibly occur while standing or walking around.  

1. Wash clean the vaginal area with a mild soap and water and dry completely.

2. For vaginal cream products, connect the applicator to the opening of the cream tube and lightly twist until firmly attached. 

3. Gently squeeze the cream tube into the applicator until the cream reaches the level indicated for the dose. 

4. Softly twist and remove the applicator from the tube. 

5. For suppositories or tablets, remove the medication from the wrapper and place it inside the end of the applicator. 

6. Get into the position by standing with the feet apart and knees slightly bent, or lie on the back with the knees bent and legs apart. 

7. Slowly and gently insert the applicator into the vagina. Insert the applicator only as far as it goes comfortably. 

8. Push the plunger of the applicator until it stops. 

9. Remove the applicator from the vagina. 

10 .Discard the applicator if it is disposable. If a reusable applicator is being used, clean it as instructed by the manufacturer. Usually it involves pulling the pieces apart and washing them with mild soap and water. 

11. Wash hands cleanly with soap and warm water.  

Follow the medication dosage as prescribed by the doctor, or as instructed on the product labeling. Take the regular dosage even during the menstrual period. However, instead of tampons, use sanitary pads as the tampons may absorb some of the medication.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 23, 2014

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