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Girl Crushes

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Girl crushes means a strong admiration towards another girl because you like something about her that you do not possess or merely adore her. This kind of feelings are more prevalent among teens and young adults and as per reports on the web- social medial platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are flooded with images of “girlfriends”

Girl Crushes are platonic

Yes, undeniably they are platonic relationships and it’s nothing unrealistic for a heterosexual woman also to find her brand new girl crush anywhere anytime. So let’s not confuse “girl crush” with something gay or lesbian kind of thing. 

You see a picture of a woman or you meet some woman or may be your best friend or the girl next door, you find some quality or feature in her that makes you go head over heels. You might fall in love with her stature, eyes, lips, sense of style and gestures, intellect and humor, perfume, many more qualities. If you do not know her personally then you try to explore more about her by logging in immediately in your social account and search for her…

Often it happens with girls that you desire to look, feel and present yourself exactly like the one you have a crush on. Sometimes the infatuation is so strong that you make her your role model, respect and worship her.

That’s it! So did you find your girl crush yet? Good luck!

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Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: October 25, 2014