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First menstrual period

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The first menstrual period of a girl is indeed a different experience both physically and emotionally. Onset of menstruation is medically termed as menarche and it usually happens through 8-14 years of age. In this article you will get to know everything about your first menstrual period. Read on...

How your body changes before first menstrual period?

Your first menstrual period marks your puberty where your body will undergo few characteristic changes that would signify that you will soon get your periods. They are:

You will look fuller due to significant development of breasts and hips.

You should already notice growth of  thin and fine hair in your pubic zone- this means you will soon get your periods

You put on weight in these years...Blame it to the changes of hormones in your body 

A few months before you get your periods, you will notice thick yellowish white vaginal discharge in your innerwear.

All those aforementioned are signs that your periods will start soon.

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How do you know that your periods have started?

The first menstrual period is very light. You will observe tinges of brownish coloured blood in your underwear. It might stop for a day and then you could be experiencing bloody discharge from vagina.

What should I do when I get my first period?

The present generation is very well adapted to such kind of information. So you don’t have to panic on seeing the first tinge of blood. Tell your mom or any close friend and ask for a pack of pads. Keep enough sanitary pads with you so that you don’t run short of them while your periods are on.

What to do if I get my periods outdoors?

Your periods can start anywhere. It could be in your school, while watching movie, at a friend’s home or anywhere...If you already know that you will get your first periods soon then you can always keep a pad in your bag whenever stepping out of home. Otherwise, do not be embarrassed to borrow a pad from your school authority or the women next to you or your friend. You can also store a pad permanently in your school locker.

If you get stains in your dress then visit the washroom, pour a little water and wash it off. Period stains go off easily. You will learn to manage as you get accustomed with this monthly ritual.

How will you feel before and during your periods?

Since it will be your first period you may not be aware of the pre menstrual syndrome (PMS). However, it’s normal to experience mood swings- like wanting to cry, or getting angry without any reason or feeling immensely hungry (PMS signs)... These things will happen before and during periods. Furthermore, some girls have abdominal cramping, back pain, leg cramps, nausea and vomiting during menstruation.

All together the experience is different from one girl to another. You can consult a gynaecologist with the help of your parents on observing anything abnormal.

How long does menstrual period last?

This is again a differential experience. For some it could be 4 days, for others it could be 9-10 days. Some girls bleed for 2 weeks also...However, on an average menstrual period last for 5 days.

What should you do during menstrual period?

If you have too much cramping, then skip school for a day or two. Apart from this, be calm at home and outdoors. Do not indulge into too much physical activity like basketball, volleyball, etc. when you are menstruating.

So, there you got your first periods...Now wait for the next month and keep your date noted!

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: December 17, 2014

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