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Coping with your periods at school by smar ways

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Girls usually start menstruating as soon as they enter their teens and it’s the time when they go school. The initial days of period brings in a great deal of emotional complicacies as they begin pondering on the matter that their “free days” are over. Especially, going to school during periods and coping with it seem to be a daunting task.

However, things are not always as difficult as they look. We give you some intelligent, practical and smart tips to deal with your period at school.


Smart ways to deal with periods at school

Carry extra sanitary pad always in your bag

Whether your period date is near or you are menstruating or not, always carry an extra sanitary pad for yourself. Thus, you don’t need to worry about getting stained if you get periods at school out of the blue. The other option is to keep one intact in your school locker.

Keep the pad inside a zipper bag or pouch so that you don’t really need to answer your friends (Guys of course)

This is a big challenge for girls- i.e. how to carry the pad till the restroom while being surrounded by girls and boys. It’s quite obvious that your friends will get inquisitive about the thing you are carrying in your hand. So tuck the pad or the tampoon inside a zipper bag or a pouch to avoid unnecessary attention. You can also place it inside your notebook and carry it safely to the washroom.


Period is normal; don’t feel shy if you get a stain by chance. Remember smart girls are not shy.

You should accept the fact that period is a biological phenomenon and every woman gets it. So there’s nothing to feel shy about it. If your friend points out stain in your school uniform then do not get embarrassed. Just say “thanks” and check in the washroom asap to wash it with water or change the uniform if you have extra in your locker.

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Avoid extracurricular physical activity or sports

The way you jumped and moved around in your school every single day might get restricted after you start menstruating. It’s better to not indulge in physical activities and sports in those days, especially if you are bleeding heavily. So, stay calm at school while having periods. 


Carry ample snacks even if there’s a canteen at school

Chocolates are a big relief when it comes to managing PMS symptoms and mood swings. Apart from chocolate, you can also keep some fruits, juices, energy drinks, milk shakes, crackers, etc. to combat mood swings.


Seeking help from school authorities

You must note down the following things which would further help you to manage an emergency situation 

  • If you do not have a sanitary napkin and you have got periods suddenly then feel free to check with the front office, library or with your school nurse. They usually have such facilities for girls or would arrange for you.
  • Let your teacher know or opt for emergency care on having cramps, vomiting, nausea or any other discomfort. Your school authorities would take the necessary action to offer you relief and at the same time inform your parents.
  • Taking a day off becomes necessary for girls who have immense problems during their periods. Always tell your teacher about your medical condition and request for leaves till you get well. For that matter, your school might also arrange to take you home under emergency.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 05, 2014

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