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Week 7 pregnancy

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You are still in your first trimester with week 7 and are acquainted with the characteristic pregnancy experiences by now. Yes, your baby is growing and so your body is preparing itself for its nourishment and growth. We explain you the details of week 7 pregnancy in this article.


Your baby at week 7 pregnancy

Your baby is growing amazingly and is one third of the size of a full grown embryo measuring about 0.51 inch. Doctors say that at 7th week, babies inside womb resemble a blueberry.

Important developments take place in the embryo; one of which is emergence of new brain cells and formation of a more complex structure of the brain.

The most prominent observation is development of hands and feet from arms and legs, respectively; they look like buds and paddles.

The heart begins to become more specialized and its beating response can be listened well. At this point the liver takes over the responsibility of manufacturing red blood cells along with functional kidneys. The skin is very thin and delicate with veins clearly visible and formation of mouth and tongue initiate in the 7th week.


What will you experience in week 7 pregnancy?

Changes in your uterus

Your uterus becomes thicker and bigger to accommodate the growing baby although the baby bump is not yet visible.

Frequent urination

You experience increased urination due to rise in levels of HCG hormone. Your womb also exerts pressure on your bladder which is why you need to empty it very frequently.

Changes in breasts

Your breasts appear swollen, heavier and tender as they are preparing to nourish your baby after birth. You would also observe darkening of the alveolar.

Morning sickness

Nausea, dizziness, extreme sleepiness and vomiting would continue throughout your first trimester and will gradually tone down as you enter the subsequent phase.

Tiredness and fatigue

You are already experiencing an energy slowdown at this point, so tiredness and fatigue are inevitable.

Mood swings and food aversions

By the 7th week you must get accustomed with this roller coaster ride of mood swings; so better you shake hands with them. You are no longer unfamiliar with food aversions and sensitivity to smell. So choose foods that tempt you to relish happily.

Cramps and pain

It’s normal to experiencing occasional pain in abdomen, legs and back and possibly whole body due to the changes taking place within you.

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Maternal tests

If you haven’t started your first prenatal test then make sure you visit your gynecologist soon. You doctor will further schedule the timeline for critical tests and screening tests.


Safety tips for pregnant mom in 7 week pregnancy

The first trimester is important as you need to be cautious with your movements. To ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy we provide you the following tips:

  • Do not start with new exercise at this point and consult with your doctor before working out. The best option to keep yourself active is to go for walking
  • Avoid hectic travelling, riding bikes, lifting heavy objects or anything that might trigger miscarriage. Walk carefully to avoid mishaps
  • Take naps or rest in between or whenever you are sleepy and tired. Go easy with your life sans stress
  • Take care of your nutrition- take your prenatal vitamins and eat healthy foods. Include fruits, dairy, lean meat and vegetables in your diet
  • Stop smoking and consuming alcohol
  • Make sure you call your doctor immediately if you experience anything unusual

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: October 11, 2014

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