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Week 5 pregnancy

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Week 5 is just the beginning of your pregnancy and you might or might not feel the symptoms of pregnancy. However, if you suspect of getting pregnant, then you must get a pregnancy test. It’s well and good if you have been confirmed of your pregnancy much before...So what happens in the 5th week of your first trimester? Discover here.


What should you expect at week 5 pregnancy?

If you have missed your periods, the strip has turned pink and the hcg hormone tests are also positive. So congratulations! Your gestation days had already begun a month before, nonetheless week 5 is the one from where you actually start realizing your pregnancy. You will undergo a series of physical and emotional changes, so start preparing! We give you the details here...

Let’s talk about your baby first

Your baby at week 5 of pregnancy

Your baby is indeed growing fast but is still a tiny embryo in the 5th week. It could be as small as a sesame seed, measuring up to 5 mm.

Technically speaking, your baby is a mass of cells or layers known as ectoderm, mesoderm, and the endoderm which will subsequently develop into organs.

One of the most vital organs i.e. the neural tube starts forming from the ectoderm, which looks as if your baby is having a tail (called fetal pole); no worries it would disappear as it grows. The heart also starts developing from the mesoderm. Yes, exciting enough, your baby’s heart starts beating and it can pump blood in this week. The embryo will remain in a yolk sac which provides all the nutrients and produces blood cells until the placenta fully forms.

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What will you experience in the 5th week? 

Your uterus in 5th week of pregnancy

Toward the end of 5th week the yolk sac shrinks, the umbilical cord forms and the wall of your uterus will become the placenta within which your baby will remain embedded. The placenta should be fully functioning, helping your baby to receive nourishment and oxygen via the umbilical cord.

  •  Physical and mental changes
  •  Tiredness and sleep

You will be intensely sleepy and tired in this phase. Blame it to the hormonal changes. So take it easy, sleep and rest as much as possible.

Nausea and vomiting

These two symptoms are very common in the early weeks of pregnancy due to hormonal surge inside your body.

Food aversions

For example: If fish or mangoes were your favourite food till now, then it’s quite likely you would hate to eat them. Instead you would start hogging on ice creams, grapes, chicken or anything that you may not prefer to eat before.  

Sensitivity to smell

It is again very common. The smell of your favourite dish or perfume might be repelling for you in your pregnancy days.

Frequent urination 

Quite common in the early days of pregnancy due to increase in size of your uterus which exerts pressure on your bladder.


Tests for you

A transvaginal ultrasound might be recommended by your doctor in the 5th week.

Safety tips for pregnant mom in 5th week

It’s important to note that the 5th week is crucial for your baby and therefore you should take care of yourself! Remember the following points

  •  Just listen to your doctor- You cannot take any decision in this phase without consulting your doctor
  •  Eat balanced diet and take your prenatal vitamins as directed by your doctor
  •  Rest enough, sleep enough, do not exert your body physically at this stage
  •  Report to your doctor immediately if you notice spotting or bleeding

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: June 16, 2014

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