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Vaginal birth vs c-section pros and cons

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Vaginal birth pros and cons

Pros of vaginal birth

It’s natural- and anything natural is the best

The anatomy of a woman’s vagina is such that it’s capable of remarkable expansion and contraction and so women are biologically meant to give birth though the vagina. Thus, it’s best technique of delivery.

No medical intervention

If your doctor had certified you fit for vaginal delivery then you don’t have to think about medical intervention and vagina is the safest route.

Less expensive

Vaginal birth can be performed in the hospital or at home by a mid wife. It’s very much cost effective as compared to C section

No complications during and after birth

There’s no surgery, so you do not have to worry about scarring or infections or stitches. In fact, you can give birth in the same way more easily the next time you get pregnant. So feel relaxed.

Quick recovery and short hospital stay

You recover almost immediately after the delivery. Once your doctor measures your vital parameters and confirms that you are stable, you can walk back home with your family and bundle of joy. The biggest pleasure- you do not have to stay in the hospital.

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Emotional boost for women

Research studies have shown that women who have normal delivery feel emotionally empowered as they are able to deal with the pain during delivery time. This makes them strong emotionally.

Benefits for the baby

Babies born out of normal delivery are healthy. They receive good bacteria and hormonal benefits from the mother during delivery and are at lower risk of having diabetes in future.

Cons of vaginal birth

Delivery pain

Pain of delivery is the biggest fear of mothers and it’s indeed painful and uncertain. This can make mothers stressed and anxious during pregnancy.

Vaginal incontinence

Women often tend to experience weakness in vagina and pelvic floor muscles post delivery. Many women face problems while having sex post delivery.

Not every woman can under vaginal birth

Women with uterine fibroids, weak pelvic muscles, contagious infections and other diseases are not the right candidate for vaginal delivery.

Trauma to baby

Although rare, but true in some cases... Doctor use forceps or vacuum to pull out the baby. This can induce trauma to the baby.

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C-section pros and cons

Pros of C-section

Scheduled birth

The birth of your baby is scheduled and therefore women are more relaxed and prepared well mentally to encounter the big day. This is the biggest advantage of C section delivery.

Recues baby under many circumstances

C section is a boon for women who at high risk pregnancy and need to deliver babies premature. Thus, doctor consider taking out the baby with operation.

The vagina is free from problems

The problems related to vaginal delivery like incontinence, sexual problems, etc. do not exist for C section delivery as the operation is done in the abdomen, without intervening the vagina

Cons of C section

Hospital stay is required

The mother needs to stay in the hospital after delivery until she recovers from the surgery which could be for 3-7 days.


The cost of undergoing C section and hospital stay is definitely more than normal delivery

Post surgical complications

Women need to be careful about a whole lot of things after delivery- like lifting heavy things, stressing abdomen, etc. Some risk of scarring and infection is there.

Future risks for the mother

C section might induce future risks ectopic pregnancy and reduced fertility. Premature delivery, low birth weight, etc are some risks imposed on the second baby.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: June 18, 2015

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