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Tips to get relief from back pain during pregnancy

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As weeks pass by your baby grows and puts pressure on your entire body. No wonder back pain is very much common for pregnant moms. Hormonal changes loosen the ligament of the spine, increase in body weight, shift in the centre of gravity of your body, expansion of the uterine muscles, etc. are the obvious reasons behind back pain during pregnancy.

Definitely you can deal with back pain and for this we offer you some easy-to-follow tips.

Maintain a good posture

As the baby grows lot of stress is put on the back and for this reason you need to maintain the correct posture while standing, walking, sitting and performing day-to-day tasks. So remember the following things:

  • Avoid bending your back or leaning forward for a long time
  • Keep the muscles of your back, shoulders and neck relaxed
  • tand in an upright position with your chest high
  • Support your back properly while sitting and rest your feet on a small stool
  • Do not stand for a long time, sit, walk or lie down in intervals
  • Use a lumbar support for while driving and sitting on a chair

Avoid lifting objects directly from the ground

When you are suffering from pregnancy back pain, then you must avoid bending your back to lift objects and of course you are not supposed to lift heavy objects. You can squat, sit down with your knees folded and pick the small object from the ground. Seek help if you need.

Consider prenatal massages and therapies

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You can consult your doctor to know some massages that help getting rid of back pain during pregnancy. Check out spas and salons that offer prenatal massages. In this regard, even acupuncture provides considerable comfort. At home you can take heat compress followed by ice pack, alternately on your back.

Incorporate prenatal exercises for back pain

These days prenatal yoga classes have mushroomed and they are indeed a wonderful experience for pregnant moms. Join such classes and try out the exercises under your trainer’s guidance to get rid of back pain. At home you must try to stretch your back. Try the following exercises:

  • Exercise 1: Lie down on your back, straight. Keep your hands aside. Slowly lift your back in the air without stressing on the neck. Hold in the air for 3-4 secs and then bring down on the floor.
  • Exercise 2: Take the “camel” position on the ground. Rest your body with your palm and knees folded on the ground. Look forward. Curl your back slightly by raising it through the neck. Then make it flat again.
  • Exercise 3: Try the water exercises in a warm pool to soothe back pain.

However, always learn the correct posture from your doctor or trainer before exercising or undergoing any therapy.

Wear the right pregnancy gear

Until and unless you are a pro in wearing high heels, avoid it completely. Wear shoes having flat and soft soles and not ground touching thin soles. Maternity belts and bust gears are available for supporting the hips, tummy and bust. Wearing these gears in the correct way additionally reduces back pain.

Sleep tight and in the right posture

Doctors advice to sleep sideways during pregnancy. The neck should be aligned properly with the spine and for this reason use a moderately soft pillow. Use a side roll pillow for resting your legs on the side. You can also lie down straight on your back if you need to change your posture.

Last but not the least, enjoy those days and try not to think about the pain. Take help from your spouse and health care provider to deal with the normal discomforts.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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