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Teenage pregnancy

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Statistics reveal that 3 out of 10 teenagers get pregnant in the United States, which indicates that the rate of teenage pregnancy is quite high. Teenage pregnancy in most cases is not a consensual decision and it certainly brings about great deal of hassles not only for the girl but also for the person she has been involved with and their respective families.

Let’s analyse the topic in details in the following content.

Teenage pregnancy: why it happens?

Lack of proper knowledge about sex

As soon as children enter their teenage or puberty precisely, a lot of questions occur in their mind which remain unresolved. This why they are not properly aware of what exactly sex entails. Girls and boys indulge in unprotected sexual acts which ultimately leads to unwanted pregnancy.

Under the influence of alcohol

Alcohol has not remained something untouched by teenagers. This is the age when your hormones surge high and you tend to lose senses under the influence of alcohol. Due to momentary pleasures you have to pay for it.

Forced sexual act

This is very common. May be the girl or the boy is not willing but some external factors like peer pressure is acting upon them to have intercourse at this tender age. Whatever the compelling circumstances are, the girl gets pregnant.

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Teenage pregnancy: Risks associated

Premature birth


If you get pregnant at such a tender age then complications might arise for your baby. In most cases, they end up giving birth to a premature baby or undernourished baby

Health of the teenage mother

Your health might deteriorate if you are not taking proper care of yourself and your baby. At teenage, your maturity level is certainly less than an adult mother and it’s quite likely for girls to neglect advises of their doctor, suffer from depression, etc.

Personal downfalls

Personal downfall can be attributed to many reasons which include abandonment issues from family, social disapproval, financial pressure, career ruination, emotional challenges, etc.


Teenage pregnancy: How to control

Sex education

Schools and family need to educate their teenage children about sex. Instead of feeling shy people should be more open with discussing sex and related topics in the correct way. When teenagers are educated properly, they can are certainly more aware of their acts and do not end up doing something foolish.

Parents should be observant

Well we are not insisting you to become watch guards but you can be more observant about what your kids are doing at this age. If they are going in the wrong track like using alcohol and drugs (a major concern in US), hanging out in the wrong circle, then you have all the right to pull them out in the correct way.

Use protection

Using protection is probably the safest way to control teenage pregnancy. So make sure you and your partner are using condoms.


Teenage pregnancy: How to take care

If you are a teenage mom and have decided to bring your baby in this Earth, then the following tips will be useful to you: 

  • Listen to your doctor’s advice- take your prenatal vitamins, go for check-ups and avoid risky acts that would be a threat to your baby’s life
  • Eat healthy food. Remember you are a mother now- so no smoking and alcohol and drugs
  • Have sex after consulting your doctor and with protection
  • Do not hesitate to take help from your close ones
  • Keep your mood high and inculcate lot of positive energy to make your pregnancy blissful

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 29, 2014

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