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Negative pregnancy test

Negative pregnancy test can be good news for some and a little disheartening for those trying to have a baby.

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At the outset we tell you that negative pregnancy doesn’t mean that you cannot get pregnant and it could be false negative under certain circumstances.

So let’s figure out what exactly does it entail.

Reasons for negative pregnancy test

You have missed your periods, experiencing the typical early pregnancy symptoms, yet your test shows that you are not pregnant. What could be the reasons?

We explain you the topic from diverse perspectives:

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Taken the test too early

This is a very obvious instance; your blood test or urine test might be negative if it doesn’t contain adequate amount of HCG hormone (confirmatory test for pregnancy).  Some women test negative for pregnancy due to the same reason even after 10 weeks of having intercourse.

Failure of home device kit

The fault could be yours or with the kit you have purchased. May be you have not read the instructions properly before taking the test or it might have expired. Under this circumstance, there are two possibilities; first it’s a case of false negative pregnancy which means you are pregnant but the test shows negative due to errors and second you are actually not pregnant.

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Failed fertilization

It’s not mandatory for all women to conceive successfully in the first time.  Fertilization may fail and you need to give successive shots to have a baby. Thus, quite certainly your test will be negative if you didn’t conceive.

Medical reasons for negative pregnancy

A normal woman would conceive after having sexual intercourse, until there’s problem with her or her partner. Some common complications could be tumour in fallopian tube or fibroids in uterus, low sperm count and motility or it could be signs of infertility or impotency for both women and men respectively.

Solutions for negative pregnancy test

The solution for negative pregnancy test is certainly for those couples keen to have a baby. And as said before, if you have indulged in unprotected sex and have tested negative, then it’s good news for you to save yourself from immediate responsibilities.

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The solutions are:

Get yourself tested again

Wait for a few more days and get a check up done once again to nullify the false reports. Your doctor would conduct blood test again to confirm your pregnancy.

Get intimate again to conceive this time

Do not be disheartened if you couldn’t conceive in the first time. Try again at the right time. You can get an ovulation kit for this purpose to know the best days to get pregnant.

Consult your doctor

If you are testing negative repeatedly despite trying all the favourable means to have a baby then you need to consult your doctor and get yourself diagnosed for an underlying complication. In this case, the best solution will be offered by your doctor.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: February 03, 2016

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