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Mood Swings after childbirth (postpartum blues)

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You have just delivered a baby and everyone expects you to be happy and exhilarated. And certainly you are! But at the same time you are not able to figure out why your merry mood is flipping every now and then…You feel sad, upset, irritated and annoyed a way too often immediately after your baby is born. It’s normal! These changes in emotions are nothing but characteristic mood swings that almost all new mothers experience!

We shall talk more about it in the next content and explain you how to overcome them.


Symptoms that you experience

Mood swings after childbirth are very well known as baby blues. Medically, they are called postpartum blues.

What exactly happens is- you get terribly exhausted dealing with your brand new baby who always needs you. Furthermore, the challenge is bigger if you had a C section and you know why…

Despite receiving the much needed support and love from your husband and family, you tend to feel lonely and sad. At times, you would cry without any apparent reason.

Your mood swings might also comprise of anxiety, nervousness, and irritation or short temperament. These are all tell-tale signs of baby blues which you will go through for a few weeks after delivery.


What causes mood swings after childbirth?

The physical changes, internal changes, and the responsibilities that come around with childbirth are primarily responsible for inducing mood swings.

Certainly your hormonal levels that went peak during your pregnancy would drop post delivery. This transitional change in hormones triggers mood swings which is why you tend to experience a mixed emotional state.  

Secondly, physical changes in your body definitely bring in a great deal of exhaustion. Your body is heavy and so your breasts. The process of breastfeeding is tiring in itself. Furthermore, you have to prepare yourself for sleepless nights because you baby can call you anytime! Thus, lack of sleep is one of the main reasons behind cranky mood.

The responsibility of bringing up your child, incessant thoughts of his/her upbringing, tacking new challenges, meeting family expectations, balancing work life and similar other things tend to bother you for some time. You can’t help thinking about these matters which in turn makes you upset way too often.

All these factors interfere with the freedom you enjoyed before getting pregnant and you might feel unhappy until you embrace motherhood wholeheartedly.

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How to deal with mood swings after childbirth?

Remember postpartum mood swings are different from postpartum depression and the latter is a medical concern.

You can take the following steps to enjoy your motherhood.

Get help: Do not take the entire responsibility of bringing up your child all by yourself. In this period you need help of your husband and mother the most. You can also hire somebody who would help you with your baby and manage household chores as well.

Accept things: You need to accept the fact that what you are undergoing is absolutely normal and you can deal with the phase. So do not go overboard with things. Instead channelize your mind and energy towards being more patient.

Stop thinking about future: You baby is just born and why would you want to start thinking of the future? Think of the present to be beautiful, blessed and blissful and enjoy the precious moments with your baby.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 02, 2014

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