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Emotional health during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a state of emotional high! Ask any mother who had been pregnant or is pregnant. It’s not always true that you would be laughing and celebrating the joy of arrival of your baby; rather many times you would be swept away by overwhelming emotions out of the blue, without any reason…In most cases, the blame is solely on the hormones (…and it’s a fact!).

But whatever be the matter, your baby can respond to your emotional health while being inside the womb. Let’s explore the topic more in the next content.


Different types of emotional state experienced during pregnancy

Joy and happiness

When you plan for a baby and you get positive news then your first reaction is certainly a jump of joy. You share with your spouse and family and get overwhelmed with happiness for the “bundle of joy” who would be arriving soon. Furthermore, when your relationships are normal and your health is perfect the happiness continues…


Desire to be loved

You will crave for love and care during this time and of course you would receive from your loved ones. You can sense a different level of intimacy with your spouse with your pregnancy.

On the other side, you will just begin to start experiencing motherhood and feel the emotional connect with the little one inside you. This is certainly overwhelming. 


Anticipation- Scared and nervous

This is again very normal for pregnant moms and this surge of emotion occurs as your delivery date comes near. Many women get nervous about normal delivery and even C section. They worry if everything would be fine on “that” day and most importantly worry for the baby. Furthermore, you also become anxious about upbringing of your baby.

Several things go in the mind for e.g.: what if my baby is sick and born abnormal or with disability? Another serious condition is tocophobia or fear of birth – a psychological condition that requires counseling and treatment.

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Strong negative feeling in special cases

Note: This is not the case with every pregnant mother!

Negative emotions like depression, stress, and sadness might stem in when your pregnancy is a burden for you. It could be a case of unplanned pregnancy, you are terribly ill to carry the baby or you are already dealing with challenges on personal, professional and financial ground. Under such circumstances, you need medical help.


Why emotional health during pregnancy is important?

Your hormones control your emotional state a lot during your pregnancy and it impacts the fetus as well. Women who are strongly focused towards a healthy pregnancy and healthy emotional state give birth to healthy babies.

Simply put, if you are sad, depressed and stressed then your baby would also have emotional problems after birth or later.

Depression, chronic stress and negative emotions affect your hormonal balance which in turn might result in complications like low birth weight, premature delivery or some chronic illnesses post birth.

Apart from this, being in happy state of mind spreads happiness all around.

The bottom line: Thus, you can well reckon the importance of your emotional health during pregnancy. All we insist you-is to be prepared for the mood swings and changes in emotions. Look for options to make yourself happy and under troublesome situations seek help from doctor. Good luck!

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 28, 2014

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