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Emotionally Cope with the Traumatic Event of Termination of Pregnancy

Facing the fact that you have lost your baby is devastating. The pain and heartache is difficult to describe and put into words. A number of reasons and complications occur during pregnancy that forces a woman to opt for a termination of pregnancy.

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According to the Department of Health Statistics “Worldwide, one- third of all pregnancies are terminated”. And coping with the termination of pregnancy is not an easy process as woman gets hurt not only physically but emotionally as well.

Let’s discuss some emotional and physical coping mechanism aspects that will aid in infusing the feelings of leading a new life from a new way in the grief-stricken women.

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Emotional Aspects- Difficult to Manage

Situations such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, less sleep, no urge to indulge in sexual activities, etc are some of the commonly observed problems in women after pregnancy’s termination. It is wrong to say that woman can come out of this trauma after a specific time period. Termination of pregnancy may affect the life of a person to an indeterminate length of time. Therefore, emotional support is required that aids in coping with the termination of pregnancy to a great extent. Emotional support provided to her by her soul partner and family members will result in bringing positive changes to her life and willingness to lead a life.

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The family members must ensure few things in order to bring a woman out of this trauma:

  • More stress, less intake of food, etc is certain conditions that are likely to happen. Therefore, ensure that she must intake healthy diet on a regular basis. Sound sleep of 7-8 hours is another requisite condition that acts in healing pain to a significant level.
  • Woman’s spouse should not force her to indulge in any kind of sexual activities. Unless and until, she has not recovered physically, it is not advised to indulge in any kind of sexual activities. Moreover, without her emotional acceptance practicing sex is a wild goose chase task and can further worsen the situation. And do not forget to practice safe sex, once you have decided to resume sexual activities. Use protection like condoms once your spouse gets ready for indulging in sexual activities.
  • Try to create a friendly environment near her. Don’t leave her alone; avoid discussing about termination of pregnancy again and again in front of her. Rather, encourage her to start planning for a new baby.
  • Eating balanced diet is a requisite condition that aids in recovering from termination trauma to a great level. Make sure that do not person is not going on any kind of dieting i.e. avoid dieting in such a condition.
  • After immediate termination of pregnancy, patient is advised not to have dairy products for at least two hours. As eating dairy products immediately after termination of pregnancy leads to some undesirable results and complications.

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Physical Recover and Aspects to consider Carefully

Physical aspects also help significantly in coping with the termination of pregnancy. The instructions provided by medical practitioners differ from cases to cases.

Some of the basic instructions provided, that are necessary to follow, are described below:

  • Avoid exercising or lifting anything, over 15 pounds, for two-three weeks.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Avoid taking mental stress.

Another important aspect necessary to highlight is women can experience certain related problems after termination of pregnancy.

Related Problems

Certain problems like pain during periods, missed periods after the abortion, excessive bleeding, foul smell from the vagina, etc are faced by women after termination of pregnancy. Therefore, it is advised that seek medical assistance immediately if you are facing such kinds of problems.

Regular Health Check ups

Last but not the least, it is necessary to go for regular check-ups in order to ensure no pain and complications further. Regular check-ups for the first two weeks aid in telling the important facts like whether a woman is recovering or not or what other measures are required to take. At last it can be said that, coping with termination of pregnancy is not easy, but it is not impossible also.


Every woman finds difficult to withstand with the traumatic fact of termination of pregnancy. But implementing emotional and physical aspects, in the right manner, will result in coping with the termination of pregnancy successfully.

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Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: February 07, 2016

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