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Common problems during pregnancy and how to overcome

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Problem 1: Morning sickness

Quite like PMS, you cannot escape morning sickness when you are pregnant. In fact they are predominant during your first trimester. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc. will occur during day time but evenings would be better.

Management: Always eat something immediately after waking up from bed. Stack in some energy bars, cookies, etc. beside your bed and then after sometime you can have a spoon of ginger juice or suck on ginger candies. Next, do not gulp down big meals. Eat small meals throughout the day. Lie down if you feel dizzy.

Problem 2: Constipation

Another very common problem among pregnant mothers is constipation which occurs due to rise in progesterone levels in the body. Your foods pass into the colon very slowly, which is why your bowels become irregular. But not to worry this can be managed!

Management: You have to drink plenty of water to boost bowel movement. Never strain if you are constipated. Eat healthy fibres- broccoli, spinach, carrot juices, kale, celery, watermelon, oranges, etc.  You can also drink a glass of warm milk with butter before bed time. If this doesn’t work then check with your doctors if you can take laxatives. Psylium husk is very safe and works wonders on constipation.

Problem 3: Mood Swings

Pregnancy- yes certainly you have got a bucket load of experiences! Blame everything to the hormonal spikes happening inside your body. They make you happy and sad time to time. Do not be surprised if you are crying without any reason. Mood swings are bound to happen. Let’s not talk about the problem more, rather come to the solutions for mood swings.

Management: Try to divert your mind. Avoid staying alone in the cocoon of your own thoughts. Engage yourself. How? Read books on pregnancy or parenting or finish your favourite novel. Watch light movies and sitcoms that would tickle your funny bone. Spend time with your family members and share your mind. Ask your partner to take you out for dining or join you in walking or anything else that would make you happy and vibrant.

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Problem 4: Aches and pain

Stomach pain, swelling in legs and back ache- you have to get accustomed with such aches and pain throughout your pregnancy. Your body weight will increase and your baby starts exerting pressure which is why you will experience back pain. So how to deal with such pregnancy related aches? We tell you below:

Management: Do not take in pain killers without asking your doctor. Instead opt for home remedies. Soak yourself in warm bath to release pain. You can also use a hot water bag to take compress. Dip your legs in warm water mixed with sea salt everyday to reduce swelling. Lie down on your back or side wise and make sure your bed is comfortable. Avoid any activity that is hectic. Instead, try prenatal yoga. Often get pregnancy massages done. Wear proper fitting shoes to avoid pain in feet.

Problem 5: Fatigue and tiredness

Certainly, it’s not a cake walk to carry a baby for nine months, accompanied by so many physical and biological changes inside the body. Nevertheless, you can ease on feeling tired and exhausted with the following remedies.

Management: Sleep well, do not compromise on it! Take your pregnancy vitamins and health drinks as directed by your doctor. Do not stay hungry- eat whatever you like...Rejuvenate yourself with aromatherapy massages, oil treatment and various kinds of pregnancy massages. Stay active but overactive.

Problem 6: Gastrointestinal problems

Indigestion, heartburn, gas and bloating are inevitable during pregnancy. You need to focus on them to reduce your discomfort and have a smooth phase. Here’s what you can do to solve gastrointestinal problems:

Management: Try to keep your food as simple as possible. Add very little or no spices to while cooking. Ask your doctor the medicines you can take on having too much acidity and indigestion. Otherwise, you can chew some mint candy, mint leaves and carom seeds post meals.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: December 11, 2014

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