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Pros and cons of using birth control pills

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Birth control pills are oral contraceptives that contain synthetic version of progestin and oestrogen. They are available as combination pills or as single-hormonal pills, although the purpose is same. Just like any other product, they have some pros and cons as well.

Know about the advantages and disadvantages before popping in the pills.

Talking about Pros

Birth control pills are not too expensive and can be afforded. Having the pill is simple and convenient along with great success rate.
It’s considerably safe (unless you have a major health issue) and can be consumed after abortion as well.

It promises better sex life and brings about enhanced sexual pleasure because the need to wear a protective device is eliminated. It doesn’t interrupt with intercourse and foreplay

Women who have been consuming birth control pills for 5 years or more are at lesser risk of having uterine and ovarian cancer. The hormones can cause ovarian shut down and prevent abnormal growth of the uterus, which why chances of having cancer or ovarian cysts or uterine cysts are reduced.

Oestrogen and progesterone contained in birth control pills can sort out menstrual problems. They moderate heavy bleeding, regularize periods and control cramping to a substantial extent. The hormones also tone down PMS symptoms like mood swings.

Women who take birth control pills notice improvement in the texture of their skin. Acne and pimples get cleared up with adjustment of hormones inside the body.

Some other advantages of having birth control pills are reduced risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, fibrocystic breasts, and ectopic pregnancy.

Birth control pills eliminate chances of having anaemia as heavy bleeding is controlled. Quite essentially, less blood loss is a preventive measure for anaemia.

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Talking about Cons

You have to take the pills every day. If you forget, then you need to resort to other means of protection as their efficiency is compromised with missed dose.

Birth control pills do not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases and infections. So you must be careful with your partner and sexual acts.

Women who take birth control pills tend to gain weight. Possibly due to increased hunger pangs, they tend to eat more as a result of which a few pounds add on easily.

Although the pills do not result in infertility, you might not get normal periods after stopping the pills. This condition is known as post-pill amenorrhea which is a phase wherein your body needs time to produce hormones naturally and regularize ovulation and menstruation.

Progestin only pills are less effective than combination pills.

Another problem women complain with having progestin only pills is- irregular periods and spotting between periods.

On the other hand oestrogen pills might lead to thickening of blood or formation of blood clots in legs and lungs.

Women who smoke and take oral contraceptives might encounter heart attack. Chances of having stroke is also there for those with history of migraine headaches.

Some other side effects of taking birth control pills are nausea, vomiting, headache, depression, breast tenderness, etc.

They being hormonal pills, tend to interact with a wide range of medicines like antibiotics, anti seizure drugs, herbal supplements, anti-fungal medicines, etc.

Note: Lastly, we suggest you to discuss with your doctor before you get onto daily dose of oral contraceptives.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: March 01, 2014


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