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Tips for pain free periods

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For every woman menstruation is a process that they have to go through every month. A biological process, menstrual period is when unfertilized eggs and lining of the uterus are discharged by the female body through the vagina.

The process involves a lot of bleeding and is painful. However, there are certain tips which can make the menstrual periods pain free. 

Keep hydrated

Periods tend to exhaust you and drain your body’s fluid. When the body is not well hydrated the chances of having painful period increases significantly. Drink plenty of water and juice during the day to feel good.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment can be in the form of hot water bag, hot bottles or warm towels and should be applied in the region of the abdomen. Heat therapy improves vasodilation or the expansion of the blood capillaries thereby allowing better flow of blood which in turn means more oxygen and nutrients around the affected region.   


Increase iron intake

Iron helps the movement of oxygen in body. The blood loss during periods means a significant amount of iron is loss in the process. This will mean oxygen levels in the body can come down during menstrual periods and allow build up of carbon dioxide and also pain. To boost the level of iron in the blood and limit pain it would be helpful to consume red meat, egg yolks, leafy vegetables, prunes, raisins, iron-enriched breakfast cereals, beans, lentils, chick peas and soybeans amongst others.

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Reduce caffeine

Reduce or if possible desist from having anything that has caffeine. In such cases coffee and carbonated beverages are not good. Caffeine in itself does not cause pain but induces pain as it tends to dehydrate the body. Similarly avoid junk food and oily food during menstrual periods.



Contrary to popular belief that states that rest reduces pain, being active can help reduce pain and at times keep it at bay. Light or brisk walk increases blood circulation and allows for proper flow of oxygen in the body. Swimming or gentle cycling can also help keep the pain in check. 



Recent studies have shown that intake of magnesium before the start of periods (about three days) considerable reduces pain during menstrual periods. Similarly calcium is also effective in dealing with pain. Magnesium, however, has side effects and its use must be carefully studied.


Like magnesium and calcium, there are other supplements which are known to enable women to have pain free periods. This includes Omega – 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. All supplements have some side effects and a doctor must be consulted before taking them. 


Physical therapy

Physical therapy will include aspects like a massage that looks to increase the flow of blood around the body. Sometimes sitz baths are also helpful.

Natural herbs

Many believe natural herbs have distinct properties that fight against pain. While there is no scientific study to ascertain the efficacy, herbs like cramp bark, evening primrose oil and turmeric are known to be beneficial.



The benefits of Yoga is well known and it can be very beneficial in checking pain during periods. Yoga is known to ease cramps and pelvic discomfort and pain. Various poses like janu sirshasana, paschimottanasana, parivrtta trikonasana, ardha chandrasana, virasana and padmasana can keep pain at check. However, it is important to do and learn the poses under supervision from a yoga expert.


Although not advisable to be taken every month, if there is a necessity to have a pain free period one may also opt for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Examples of such over- the - counter drugs would be ibuprofen and naproxen.


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Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 03, 2013

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