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Natural remedy for postmenopausal syndrome

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Coping postmenopausal syndrome with natural remedies is always a better option until it calls for drug-based treatment or surgery. Natural ways are safe and doesn’t interfere with your health in general. It could be a herbal treatment or changing your lifestyle for wellness. Doctors even suggest a diet that helps to bring down mood swings, hot flashes and improves stamina, mental health and overall wellbeing of women.

Lifestyle changes

  • Control your Mind: You need to control your mind to stay away from episodes of emotional fluctuations and mood swings. Keep yourself surrounded by optimistic people and indulge in various group activities that would keep you occupied.
  • De-stress: Relieve yourself from stress by practising the best relaxation technique- meditation. You can also try doing various forms of yoga and deep breathing techniques.
  • Exercise: Perform mild stretching exercises and go for walking or jogging to control weight gain and rise in blood pressure.
  • Get rid of addictions: If you are addicted to smoking and drinking, then it’s high time to let them go. Change your lifestyle, control your addictions to have a better life.
  • Avoid caffeine and other types of foods that interfere with emotional stability.

Diet for postmenopausal syndrome

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1.Calcium and Iron: The diet for postmenopausal syndrome should be rich in calcium. Consume dairy products, citrus fruits and different types of juices and health drinks fortified with calcium. Soy, nuts, cereals, legumes, pulses, whole grains, and leafy green vegetables are also essential to avoid bone disorders at this advanced age.

2.Phytoestrogens: They are plant based natural foods containing estrogens. Such foods include flaxseeds, whole grains, legumes, spouts, hummus, and garlic. Incorporating these foods in the diet may eliminate the need to undergo hormone replacement therapy.

3.Isoflavones is natural estrogen occurring abundantly in soybeans and tofu. Get fresh soybeans and soak them overnight before cooking. Similarly, have salads with tofu every day. Other variations of these foods that are equally beneficial are soy yogurt and tofu yogurt.

4.Sesame seeds are excellent sources of phytoestrogen, lignin. Sunflower seeds and flaxseeds are also important. They also contain omega-3-fatty acids which are utmost essential for controlling blood pressure problems and for improving the texture of the skin (as the skin slackens in postmenopause).

5.Dry fruits quintessentially suffice the need of estrogen and some wonderful options are dried apricots, prunes and dates. They are also rich in iron.

6.Red Clover tea is an excellent herbal remedy for hot flashes

Treatment with Herbs

Black cohosh, Ginseng and dong quai are recognized as the most effective phytoestrogenic herbs. Ayurvedic doctors often suggest these herbal therapies for getting rid of hot flashes. However, one shouldn’t take these herbs without prior consultation with doctor because of their noted side effects varying from one woman to another. Another downside of phytoestrogenic herbs is - they reduce body’s ability to produce estrogen naturally.

Try to incorporate these changes in your day-to-day life to do way with postmenopausal syndrome. We agree, it takes time and patience to deal with this phase but a conscientious effort to overcome the challenges definitely brings in lot of improvement.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 05, 2015

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