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Coitus Interrptus

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Coitus interruptus, also known as the “withdrawal method” or the “pull-out method” involves consciously taking out the penis from the vagina prior to ejaculation. The woman is protected from getting pregnant as the semen is ejaculated outside.

How does it work?

The withdrawal method is greatly accomplished when there’s proper understanding between couples. Men need to practice the technique as it’s required to withdraw the penis right at the moment of heightened orgasm and before the semen comes in contact with the vagina.

Why it is done?

Coitus interrptus can be resorted to when indulging in unprotected sex without wanting to get pregnant or when both the partners are unwilling or uncomfortable in using contraceptive like condoms.

Who should use coitus interrptus as birth control option?

Couples who have been sexual partners for a long time and have complete mutual trust can resort to this technique as an effective option for birth control. This applies to men who are consciously making love with their partner and are completely aware of the technique can try it every time.

How to safely practice coitus interrptus?

  • Coitus interrptus needs lot of self control
  • He should be capable of predicting ejaculation
  • He should urinate before intercourse
  • Must rinse the penis properly to remove traces of sperm or fluid
  • Must be careful about the semen getting spilled in the vulva
  • Must be aware of that moment of excitement and when to remove the penis out of the vagina
  • Must ejaculate away from the vagina

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Advantages of coitus interrptus

  • It’s free of cost, simple and convenient
  • Pre consultation with doctor is not needed
  • Doesn’t require use of any contraceptive device
  • Better sexual pleasure for couples
  • No health risks and side effects
  • If the perfect technique is used, then only 4 out of 100 women can get pregnant

Disadvantages of coitus interrptus

  • Does not protect against STIs and STDs
  • Not suited for men having premature ejaculation or inexperienced in sex
  • Men or women with STDs should not resort to coitus interrptus for any reason
  • The Pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) might contain sperm which fertilize the ovum to cause pregnancy

Which sexual positions favour coitus interrptus?

Coitus interrptus becomes easier to carry out in certain sexual positions. Men exercise better control over themselves when they are on the top of women (missionary position). Penetration from back or having intercourse in standing position is also conducive for quick and easy withdrawal. If you are new to this method of birth control, then resort to these positions for protecting your partner from getting pregnant.

We suggest you to know the correct technique of coitus interrptus before depending on it for birth control. If needed, you can consult a sex expert to know the mechanism and other aspects related to it.

Success Rate of CI method of birth control.

When used perfectly, the success rate is almost about 96% while typical use of CI method has success rate ranging between 70-85%.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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