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How to talk to your partner about STI

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Talking about STI with your partner can be analyzed under several different circumstances and the situation and reasoning differ from one individual to another. We help you with this topic over here…


Taking about STI before having fist time sex

If you are the conversation starter then you need to be very subtle because proposing a question about STI or STD is a sensitive issue. First make sure you have got yourself tested and you are free from infections. Secondly, you know everything about the disease which will make your explanation easier.

Plan before your blurt out anything offensive. Help your partner to be comfortable and then ask him/her in a gentle way. Stress on the fact that it’s something medical and completely unrelated to social stigmas or doubting one’s privacy. This way you can balance out the situation and make yourselves clear about your sexual health status.


Revealing that you tested positive for STI to your sex partner

Many a times you do not have any symptoms of STI and it gets detected while having routine health checkups. If this is the case then you have to let your partner know about your infection. This is again a sensitive moment that needs to be dealt with!

Sit with your partner and tell him/her about your problem and your test reports. Focus more on the solution of the problem and make sure you both are clear about everything. May be you have to abstain from sex, take precautions every time during the act or undergo treatment to cure the infection. All in all, your sexual life might get compromised a bit, nonetheless be honest to your relationship.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: October 25, 2014

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