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10 Great Ways to reduce the risk of contracting STDs

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STDs are contracted when you practise risky sexual intercourse. Once you get a STD as serious as HIV/AIDS, then your life is at threat. So, what we suggest is- do not take risk... How? Explore the top 10 ways to reduce getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases in the article.

1.    Do not have sex with an infected partner

Why to get deliberately infected when you know your sex partner is suffering from STD? Be a brave heart to express your unwillingness towards not indulging into any sort of wet activity. You can wait until your partner recovers.

2.    Control your desire for multiple partner, believe in monogamy

Rate of sexually transmitted diseases are on high rise because people are no longer into monogamous relationships and rarely do they enquire about the health status of the person. Once you stick to one single uninfected partner and remain faithful to him or her for the lifetime, your risk of getting STD is almost nullified.

3.    Do not have anal sex

Anal sex is highly risky and is discouraged by all means. The anus harbours several infectious microorganisms which can easily pass on to another host. Furthermore, it involves pain and induces tears in the rectum during penetration. The simplest way to avoid- say No.

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4.    Get vaccinated

Vaccines make your immune system strong. Consult your doctor about HPV and hepatitis injections and get yourself vaccinated. This way you reduce risk of contracting an infection.

5.    Use condoms

One of the safest ways to practise sex is using condoms, preferably the latex versions. In fact they are the only tools that offer protection against transmission of sexual disease. However, at times condoms do break! So read the instructions carefully before using condoms to avoid manual error.

6.    Take protection while having oral sex

To further fortify your shield against STD you can resort to oral protections. Dental dams which are nothing but a thin sheet of latex are specifically meant for oral sex; so try them next time... They come in varied range of flavours and you can use the one your partner adores.

7.    Ask your partner to take protection

You have done all the preparations to cut down the risk of getting STD, but has your partner done the same? If not, then encourage him/her about taking the necessary precautions- vaccines, condoms, etc. to enjoy safe sex.

8.    Get yourself tested

There’s no harm in getting yourself tested. The same applies to your partner. Getting screened is just a way to ensure that you are clean! Another circumstance is- you’ve gotten involved with a partner unaware of the fact that he/she is infected and you discover it later. In that case, STD screening test is a must for you.

9.    Have a healthy discussion

Be it a problem, a thought or advice you can always improve things with healthy discussion. So strike a conversation with your partner about STDs, reducing risks, getting and taking protection as a practical approach to eliminate infections from your sex life.

10.     No alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol breaks down your immunity and the effect is multiple times bad when you are taking illicit drugs. Thus, you are naturally at risk of getting infected. Lastly, getting drunk is not advised if you are involving yourself in promiscuity.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: December 17, 2014

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