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What are sex drive killers?

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Stress is one the most notorious factors that kills your sex drive, irrespective of your gender. Stress arises commonly from work pressure, family matters, financial concerns and similar other aspects. No matter whatsoever the type of stress you are undergoing it would diminish your libido quite significantly.


Emotional problems

Depression, worries, sadness, grief, and anxiety are some reasons that can kill your urge to have sex. For that matter ongoing relationship problems stemming from several factors also have similar effect on you sexual drive. Another, personal problem is- lack of confidence about body image. Such group of people suffer from emotional turmoil and anxiety which ultimately negate their libido.


Lack sleep

Sleep boosts your blood circulation. You are refreshed, rejuvenated and your libido is pumped up when you get proper sleep. The scenario is just opposite when you lack sleep or if you have turned out an insomniac. It makes you tired and exhausted and one of the consequences certainly is decreased sex drive.


Unhealthy foods

Have you ever tried to introspect that the foods you are eating could probably be reducing your sex drive? Yes, consuming too much junk food, deep fried food, sugar and fat loaded substances will take toll on your libido. They gradually impede blood circulation and henceforth, you won’t get that kick for indulging in passionate sex.

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Smoking, drinking and recreational drugs

Ask any men or women with addictive smoking and drinking habits, they won’t lie how miserable their sexual drive has become! It’s a fact that tobacco products, recreational drugs (cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc.) and alcohol are your enemies. They make you lousy, you lose that natural desire to have sex and you become weak physically. 



Certain medicines do have significant impact on your sex life. Long term intake of prescription drugs like anti histamines, blood pressure medicines, birth control pills, anti depressants, sleeping drugs, chemotherapy drugs, etc. can eventually jeopardize your sexual drive. Talk with your doctor about the side effects before taking them.



The more you gain weight the worse your sex life becomes. Research studies have elucidated the fact that obese people are most likely to suffer from sexual problems which include low sex drive and erectile dysfunction as well. So remember, being overweight is a sex drive killer!


Low testosterone

This is for men. Off late if you are facing problem with your sex drive- lack of interest including erection problems then you must get your testosterone levels checked. Not to worry, it’s a reversible problem and with proper treatment you can get back your sex drive.



For women, menopause is one of the most obvious reasons behind sudden drop in sexual desire. And certainly your hormones are to be blamed. Furthermore, mood swings, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, etc. also contribute to diminishing interest in sex.


New to parenting

You both have embraced the new phase of your life – i.e. parenthood. When your baby is small, most of your concerns, energy and focus are towards him/her. In the process of parenting, you often forget about your sexual relationship with your partner. This is quite natural, but definitely is a sex drive killer.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 03, 2014

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