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Unprotected sex

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Unprotected sex is not uncommon; it’s the act of indulging into sexual intercourse without using any kind of protection, precisely condoms. It’s risky and can change your life for the good or the bad both. So let’s analyse what unprotected sex is up to...


When should you have unprotected sex?

The only time when doctors insist on having unprotected sex is, if you are trying to get pregnant and making family plans. However, in this case also you should get yourself screened for infections so that your baby is safe.  

Unprotected sex is safe to a certain extent when men are well accustomed with the withdrawal technique (taking out the penis before ejaculation).


Risks of unprotected sex

Most men and women encounter unprotected sex because it is more pleasurable than using condoms. Other circumstances could be lack of knowledge about sexual protection, drunken sex, or under indulging in sex out of rush or sexual excitement.

Whatever the circumstance is, unprotected sex always carries many risks and we shall explain them below: 

Unwanted pregnancy

Pregnancy is most likely to occur if your partner ejaculates within you. This is one of the prime reasons behind unwanted pregnancy and teenage pregnancy.

Needless to say, an instance when your condom tears off or you forget to take your contraception is also counted as unprotected sex you can become pregnant. 

Sexually transmitted infections

If you do not know the health status of your partner and indulge in unprotected sex then your chances of getting that infection is potentially high.

Thus, it is one of the primary causes of spread of HIV, Chlamydia infections, gonorrhoea, syphilis and many more sexually transmitted diseases.

Apart from all these things, it brings along with a great deal of anxiety and stress for couples who do not have any family plans immediately.

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How to deal with unprotected sex?

There are several ways to deal with unprotected sex through which you can eliminate the risks to a certain extent. The steps you can take after realizing the mistake are:


Emergency contraception: This is the most successful way to avert an unwanted pregnancy. Walk into a pharmacy or a clinic to get the pill. Read the instructions and pop in the pill ASAP. It’s usually recommended within 72 hours.

Get yourself tested for infections: You should not risk your health. Fix an appointment with your doctor and get yourself tested for sexually transmitted infections. You might need to visit the clinic after a certain period again because the symptoms do not show up immediately in few cases.

Abortion (optional): If you have already conceived a child and do not want to bear, then abortion is the only option. We suggest you to consult with your partner and doctor before finally deciding to terminate the pregnancy.


What is the bottom line?

For some sex is fun while others consider it to be the best way to express love. However, the responsibility falls almost entirely on the woman if she is gets pregnant and is not ready to bring it up. So, we suggest you to use contraception under any circumstance. Condoms (both male and female) are safe and so are birth control options; use whatever suits you and avoid having unprotected sex. 

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: August 06, 2014

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