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Safe Sex: For Your Safe Long Life

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Often, a few moments of sexual pleasure can increase your chances of getting HIV virus, sexually transmitted disease and STIs; this happens when you opt to go for unplanned, unprotected sex. Unplanned and or unprotected sexual relations can have serious adverse effects on your health and well being. Not only it boosts up the risk of various health problems, but also of holding unwanted pregnancy which may invite a lot of physical and emotional tension in your life. Hence, safe sex is an absolute remedy to reduce the chances of getting dangerous infections and other lethal health problems.

Importance of having Safe Sex

Safe sex does not mean to kill the heat of passion and intimacy from your life. It is simply a more proper and planned way of having sex to avoid STD’s, HIV infection and unintended pregnancy. According to Wikipedia, negligence of this aspect may result in number health problems which may get fatal at times. For instance, in case of few sexual activities that involve direct contact with body fluids such as semen, blood, or vaginal/cervical secretions, the risk of getting HIV infection is really high. Safe sex lets you stay healthy and enjoy the sexual experience of your life without having to face any health problems and diseases. Especially, in case of youngsters, proper knowledge about sex and its consequences should be provided.

A Few Tips for Safe & Smart Sex

Recent studies from World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that although it is almost impossible to have risk-free sex, a few preventive measures can be followed to reduce the risk to the largest extent.

Take advice: STIs and unplanned pregnancies can be troublesome for both partners. Hence, make sure to discuss birth control and sex openly with each other, so that nothing can later hamper your life. Also, if any one of the two partners is not ready for having sex, there should not be any kind of compulsion or forced sexual activity as this may result in hurt body and feelings.

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Regular check-ups: Individuals involved in sexual activities must go for regular health check-ups. This ensures a healthy body and quick discovery of any infection affecting your body because of sexual intercourse. Women must have annual gynecological tests to stay away from STI’s, STD’s or any kind of infection.

Both should make efforts: Both men and women should take precautionary steps to avoid pregnancy and any sort of health problem. In order to prevent pregnancy and STIs, birth control pills, contraceptive injection or diaphragm and a condom should be used. Especially, if you are not maintaining a monogamous relationship, the requirement of using condoms is must.

Be prepared for a sex emergency: Always carry two or more condoms, so that if, one by any chance, breaks or gets spoiled, you stand a back up.   Both partners are equally accountable for taking precautions against STI and pregnancy, hence, use contraceptives and condoms. To avoid getting pregnant, women may try having emergency pills right after having sex, within 48 or 72 hours. However, these pills should only be taken on advice of doctors.

Fortunately, nowadays, a series of contraceptive products are available in the market to help people plan for safe sex and have a proper method of responsible intercourse. But as both birth control pills and condoms do not come with 100 percent assurance, combined use of both by women and men respectively can raise your chances of staying safe.

Summary: Keep yourself and your partner, away from the complications of unplanned pregnancy, STDs and STIs by practicing safe sex. Safe sex does not mean to decrease the level of passion, excitement or intimacy; it is just a more planned way of having sex.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: April 12, 2015

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