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Ten food items to boost sex life

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One might joke and say that sex is nothing but chemistry or a result of minerals and vitamins coming together – but it is true! Physical attraction might be the trigger but the trigger and what follows is all due to the adequate amount of hormones kicking in inside our bodies.

So if there’s any ‘love fuel’ we need to tank up – it is the appropriate food items and dishes that ensure that the body absorbs the needed minerals and vitamins. There are certain food items, also called ‘aphrodisiacs’, that can help boost hormone levels and improve and increase nerve sensitivity. In effect, you end up having sexual experiences that are not only easier to perform but are also more satisfying yet surprising.

Here’s a list of nine food items, all tested over decades across the world, that give you all the vitamin and mineral power you need to boost your sex life. There’s something for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. You don’t necessarily need to eat the food item as a whole – they can be used in simple dishes cooked at home or ordered to be included when eating out.


As it is these cute and little red berries are quite sexy-looking - but over and above they contain antioxidants and also improve blood circulation. In short, a healthy and steadily pumping heart ups your chances of having a hot-blooded sexual encounter. From strawberry-cream, strawberry yogurt to strawberry ice cream there’s a lot to pick from to sugar up your sex life!



Cook an egg any way – be it scrambled, sunny-side up, hard-boiled or sideways – eggs have high amount of vitamin B6. This helps the body balance hormone levels and deal with stress. As stress interferes with sexual performance – eggs are a good way to keep stress at bay. One can also eat vegetarian foods such as peas, sunflower seeds, carrots, wheat germ and fish – as all these foods are also rich in vitamin B6.



For all you meat eaters seeking to boost your sex life – here’s some good news. Beef and dark-meat poultry can decrease the production of prolactin in the body. This is a hormone, when at high levels, that can decrease your sexual drive. Vegetarians can get the same effect by eating leafy green vegetables, brown rice, whole-grain bread, and crumbly cheeses such as Lancashire or Cheshire or Lancashire.

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When you think about it - sex and garlic should be kept poles part! But if there’s any super benefit due to this super food, it is this – garlic opens up your blood and improves circulation throughout your sexual organs!



Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate is the best friend of most women – especially when it can lead to her man to the bed! This cocoa confection contains a compound called methylxanthine, which helps in the release of dopamine in the body. A healthy flow of dopamine ensures that you feel happy and relaxed – no better recipe for great sex.



This bright fruit is high in vitamin C. If you have healthy levels of this vitamin it ensures required levels of the hormone oxytocin, which is a mood enhancer. So, orange juice might just be the drink of your choice before you start your engine!



Who would have thought of the boring oatmeal as a sex super-food? Well, it is, as it increases testosterone levels in your blood – paving the way for great morning sex!



The humble ginger might not sound like a fancy or tasty sex super-food but it’s very good in boosting the body’s metabolism and sexual energy. Be it tea, curries or dishes – be generous with ginger!



Don’t take this nut lightly! Walnuts are full of fatty acids, and these are a major component in sex hormones in our bodies. One can munch on walnuts or eat them while having brownies and pies.



The healthiest alternative to sugar is honey. It contains boron, which increases the body’s supply of sex-boosting hormone testosterone.

Now that you are armed with all this knowledge about ‘sex foods’ it will enable you to order or cook the right kind of food while you plan to have great sex. More so, the next time you go grocery shopping – you know you just have to buy the walnuts, honey, chocolate and strawberry to make the icing on your cake – the kind you bake on your bed!

Written by: Rohit Karir
Date last updated: Novemeber 18, 2014

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