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Sex during periods is safe or not

Sex during periods is usually considered safe but yet there are some concerns regarding this. First of all, having intercourse while menstruating is considered to be messy by many couples, which is why they tend to restrain themselves in this period.

However for some it’s the best moment, given the fact that hormonal surges are high which lead to enhanced libodo and most importantly, chance of getting pregnant is least.

Sex during periods and pregnancy

During menstruating you are not ovulating. This is the main reason why pregnancy risks are almost negligible- while having unprotected sex, the sperm doesn’t fertilize the ovum. It’s a rare instance that a woman becomes pregnant during her periods.

However, pregnancy might happen only if you ovulate early, you have intercourse towards the last days of your periods and the sperm stays in your uterus. The same sperm might fertilize the fresh ovum produced post menstruation.   

Thus, it is advised to use a condom or ejaculate outside the vagina to avoid pregnancy during periods. Taking protection while having sex during periods also protects your partner from getting infected with opportunistic microbes.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: October 25, 2014

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