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Is oral sex safe?

Oral sex means indulging in sexual intimacy by orally touching the genitals of your partner. It implies licking or sucking of the penis and licking of the anus and the vagina. Whether oral sex is safe or not, you can get to know after reading the following content.


Oral sex and pregnancy

Talking of pregnancy, oral sex is 100%  safe. It does not make you pregnant. Even if the sperm enters via your mouth your do not conceive a baby as fertilization doesn’t occur.


Oral sex and sexually transmitted infections

Your doctor will advise you to not have oral sex if you know that your partner is having sexually transmitted infection or is undergoing medication for it.

The genital organs like the anus, vagina and penis are the most obvious places where the microorganisms reside. They come in contact your mouth and get transmitted to your body when you indulge in oral sex with an infected person.

Furthermore, exchange of sexual fluids orally also infects your body. The most common orally transmitted infections are Chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, hepatitis B, syphilis and herpes. It’s a fact that you can easily get infected with these microorganisms via your infected partner.


Oral sex and HIV

HIV although doesn’t usually get passed on via oral sex, nonetheless you can acquire it if your partner ejaculates inside your mouth and you have wound or cut in it. Thus, the risk is always there…

: Thus, coming to the conclusion, oral sex is unsafe if either of you are infected individuals. For personal safety it’s important for you to know the health status of an individual.

Although you can take protection with non lubricated condoms, wearing plastic barriers or dental dams while sucking; abstinence is always a safer option.

On the contrary oral sex is safe if you are disease free and it’s your personal preference whether you wish you experience it or not.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 07, 2014

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