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Is anal sex safe ?

Anal sex means insertion of penis in the anus as a part of sexual activity. It could be safe only if you are taking some extra precautions. 

Why should you avoid anal sex?

First of all anal sex poses the biggest threat of spreading sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, hepatitis B, syphilis, HIV,  and HPV etc. If you are an infected person then you should avoid indulging in anal sex.

Even if your sexual health status is normal, you can acquire some bacterial infections while performing anal sex precisely after vaginal intercourse.

Secondly, anal sex is painful as the anus is devoid of natural lubrication and it not flexible like the vagina. One can end up tearing up the sensitive tissues in the rectum while indulging in anal sex.

The worst thing- Anal cancer cases have been reported from anal sex due to HPV infections.


How to make anal safe sex?

Follow these tips to make anal sex safe. 

  • Anal sex is more prevalent among homosexual couples. If you are still indulging in anal sex then make sure you are using condom.
  • Do not thrust your erect penis forcibly inside the anus. Instead you can opt for lubricating oils, gels and creams. Apply generously over the anal region to stimulate it and then insert.
  • Practice hygiene. Clean your private parts before anal sex to minimize risk of infection.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: October 25, 2014

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