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First time sex

If you are involved in a serious romantic relationship with your partner then your first time sex should indeed be special. We have picked out some tips for you that would help to you make the experience something to be cherished for lifetime… 

Talk and understand

Allow yourselves to express your feeling for each other and make sure you both are comfortable in taking your relationship to the next level. 

A little bit of preparation

Do not be messy with yourself. Make sure you are wearing clean clothes including your underwear, have shaved your stubble (girls love smoothness!) and your room is done up well for the ambiance matters a lot! For girls- it’s the time to get yourself waxed! Overall both of you should be well groomed. 

Decide about precaution

Before having sex make sure you decide if you are going for an unprotected sex or using condoms, etc. However, whatever your decision is we insist you to keep an emergency contraceptive pill intact to avoid pregnancy. 

Strike the sensuous chord

Do not rush! Start with kissing, caressing or watch an erotic movie. Indulge in mischievous acts of seduction and enticement and then move on to foreplay. If both of you are comfortable in oral sex get on that too! You can penetrate once you striked the sensuous chord right. 

Things to consider

Woman experience lot of pain and may be bleeding if it’s their first time sex! So make sure you make her feel comfortable and do not try to thrust forcefully. Use lots of lubrication to ease insertion. Allow her be comfortable and manage the situation so that you both can enjoy your first night.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: October 25, 2014

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