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Sex and Aging: Ways to Improve your Sex life in Old Age

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Sex and aging is on one the hottest topics among the grown-ups these days. Today, when with proper dietary and activity patterns, along with new medical treatments, people can have a way to have a satisfying sexual life; they would definitely want to go for it. Although, it is normal to have a few sexual problems, coming with age, it is also possible to alleviate a few with proper treatments and a healthy lifestyle.

Normal changes: Normally, yes! We do tend to get weaker and start having a deteriorated sex life. Our physical endurance decreases, our body gets weakens and our muscles start worsening.  It has been noticed that by the age of 65, around 30 to 40 percent of people face difficulties in having sex due to various reasons.

  • Medications. Some medication may also result in sexual problems. Drugs for problems that normally come with age, such as blood pressure medicines, arthiritis, strokes, depression, diabetes, ulcers often lead to impotence or make it hard for men to ejaculate. Some drugs can reduce a woman's sexual desire.
  • Arthritis: The problem of arthritis causes pain in joints and a lot of problem in trying various sexual positions and having a satisfying intercourse. It often leads to much more physical pain than the degree of sexual pleasure attained.
  • Alcohol: Heavy and regular intake of alcohol can be a reason for erection problems in men and delayed orgasm in women.
  • Old age diseases: Numerous diseases and disorder that develops with age can be responsible for your decreased ability of having sex. Numerous health problems such as chronic pain, stroke, incontinence, heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure.

How do I continue an active sex life?

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There are indeed, a number of things that you can do keep your sex life spiced-up and active.

  • Make your partner your priority: Understand the changes that you and your partner are going through and make each other the priority. Listen to their needs and play accordingly.
  • Early morning sex:  Try early morning sex as that is the time when you have the maximum energy. Do not hurry, give yourselves a plenty of time and have long foreplays to get aroused.
  • Masturbate: If you are not living with your partner or tend to have sex occasionally, and then keep your body used to sexual experiences by masturbating.
  • Consult a doctor: If a disease or a disorder is impeding your sexual life, then consult your doctor, your doctor may also suggest proper medication for raising up your mojo and libido.  
  • Dyspareunia: Many older women go through with this problem of dyspareunia which result in painful intercourse due to poor vaginal lubrication.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise helps a lot as it maintains proper blood flow and keeps your body fit and flexible. It increases your endurance and let you keep trying new positions which having much physical problem and pain.
  • Proper Diet: If your eating habits are poor, your chances of getting weaker and older much before time, are higher, hence, have proper rich diet, that is free from heavy intake of sugar, fat and oils.

Summary: With age, it is natural to have decreased interest in sex and what basically propel this low level of interest are various diseases and disorders occurring because of old age. Weak joints, high blood pressure and low physical endurance can actually hamper your sex life.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: April 12, 2015

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