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Secrets to Better Orgasms

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Don’t you long for the kind of orgasms that makesAnesthesia Steele go crazy for Christian Grey? Well, Mr. Grey did have a strange taste for lovemaking, but it did get women who went to bed with him go crazy.

No, I am not here to discuss or review 50 Shades trilogy, but help you learn some secrets to better orgasms. You may be making love regularly,but may be unable to experience a huge orgasm that you keep you longing for more. There are strategies for both men and women that help them to reach the peak of sexual excitement. Here, we unravel the secrets behind that better and bigger O.

A long lasting foreplay

Many couples fail to enjoy the intimate moments so passionately, simply because they do not indulge in foreplay. If the big O is very difficult for you to achieve then try some good foreplay. Begin with the act of kissing and then move on to the erogenous zones like neck, earlobes, breasts, hips, and the genitals. Indulge in safe oral sex to heighten your orgasm. Both of you should participate to make the experience intensely orgasmic.

Friction does the work

A penetrative form of sexual intercourse is not the only thing you could do. To get better the orgasms, you need to get more creative with your lovemaking ways. You may rub your pubis over her clitoris and try different erotic positions like back thrusting, lapping, criss-cross, crouching etc. in different places of your home.

Get dirty with your talk

You are the most intimate with your spouse, so rip off all that shyness and get dirty with him/her.  Strike a steamy, sexy, sensual, and passionate conversation before initiating the act or exchange text messages over your phones to ignite his/her passion beforehand. You will be enjoying intense orgasm when you are already stimulated with dirty talks.

Use sex toys, vibrators, oils

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Have you ever tried a sexual massage with some aromatic oil? Well, give your spouse an erotic massage this time to boost his passion. Not only the massage relieves off from stress (which could be preventing you from attaining a good orgasm) but it also acts as a great sexual stimulant for bigger orgasms.  Hit the correct spots to experience the much needed O.  Consider using sex toys and vibrators if your orgasms have decreased lately.

Explore erotica over the screen

Guessed it right! Watching erotic movies and porn occasionally is one of the topmost bedroom secrets that couples resort to for attaining peak orgasms.  So go for it.

Exercise your orgasmic muscles

Your sex expert will vouch for Kegel exercises as a way to attain wonderful orgasms. Kegel exercises help men and women who have difficulty in performing by improving the function of the pubococcygeus muscles – they are those muscles that contract during orgasm. Your orgasmic muscles are toned and they respond better to sensations, thereby helping you to reach the climax. Make it couple exercises for better results.

Self practice to improve orgasms

Self stimulation is also a way to enhance your orgasms while having intercourse with your partner. Both men and women can indulge in healthy masturbation to train their bodies to become more orgasmic.

Think of an Earth shattering orgasm everytime you have sex

Women who achieve sexual nirvana are often heard saying they expect the Big O, everytime they make love. It is actually the prepared mindset, that helps them achieve sexual gratification. Why not me?Why not today? These are the questions that make the difference for them. You have to find the perfect solution to ignite the passion within you. After all, your partner will definitely climax, so why should this stop you from getting a self-fulling climax?

Get over sexual taboos and try something new. One will often get bored of trying just the lettuce leaves, tomatoes and plain old pickles for lunch. Try adding some mayo and cheese and get the fun started. These simple secrets to better orgasms will definitely help you groove to a sure shot comer.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: April 19, 2015

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