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Myths and facts about sex

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People often fail to plan parenthood properly due to lack of proper knowledge about sex. Other stark examples of casual approach toward sex are rise in teenage pregnancy, non- consensual sex and spread of sexually transmitted diseases. This is the reason why we have busted out the myths about sex and have presented you the respective facts.


Myth: Having sex everyday is bad for health

Fact: It’s safe to enjoy sex every day and there are no bad effects. It is a kind of exercise which helps you to burn calories and improve your blood circulation. So if you are having sex regularly then continue it to remain young and healthy for a long time.


Myth: Masturbating exhausts sperm reserve

Fact: Another myth surrounded with masturbation is that the process cuts down your supply of sperms. It’s indeed untrue. Masturbation is a biological process which you need to perform to experience the highest of sexual satisfaction and relieve stress. Sperm reserves are not exhausted with masturbating.


Myth: Having sex at early age won’t make me pregnant

Fact: You can get pregnant by all means if you indulge in penetrative sex after your puberty and your partner ejaculates inside. So decide your age for having sex in the right away with necessary protection. This information is particularly important for all teenage girls and boys.

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Myth: Women never get pregnant during periods

Fact: Although chances are rare, i.e. 90% of women do not get pregnant while having unprotected sex during their periods, however one could be at risk if her menstrual cycle is long or very short. For example, the sperm lives inside the fallopian tube for 3-5 days. So if her periods last for seven days and she has intercourse on her final day of bleeding, she might conceive as ovulation starts after 2-3 days.


Myth: Removing the penis before ejaculation is 100% safe

Fact: To some extent this technique is successful; nonetheless it is not a sure shot birth control technique. Sperm can be present in the semen, the lubricating fluid released from the penis on being excited. You can get pregnant in that case while having unprotected sex. Condoms and birth control pills are safer options than removal method.

Withdrawal method or Coitus interrptus


Myth: Douching or washing off the vagina saves from getting pregnant

Fact: Once your partner has ejaculated inside you, the sperm travels immediately to your fallopian tube and there’s no way of getting rid of it. So get over those impractical ideas of washing your vagina with soap, water, vinegar, etc. They don’t work.


Myth: Oral sex doesn’t get you STD

Fact: STDs spread mostly through vaginal fluid, semen and blood. However, contraction of STD through oral sex is not something uncommon. HIV doesn’t spread through oral sex but HPV, syphilis, herpes, and hepatitis B, etc. can easily get transmitted via oral sexual contact.


Myth: Your partner must reach orgasm every time during the act

Fact: There’s no such established rule about orgasm and sex. If you both are enjoying orgasm during the act then continue doing it. Lack of orgasm can occur due to various reasons which both of you can discuss and sort out.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 21, 2014

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