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Low Sex Drive in Men: An overview

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Both men and women suffer from some degree of reduced sex drive at some point of age in their lives. However, if this reduced degree continues for a longer period of time or probably a few months, then it calls for a proper health check up.

According to study, conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), it has been stated that around 31 percent of men suffer from sexual inadequacy.


Causes of Low Sex Drive in Men

Physical Causes: A good number of health problems can give rise toseveral causes of low sex drive in men. Some of these very frequently noticed problems are heavy intake of alcohol regularly, excessive fatigue, anemia, diabetes, medications, obesity and intake of street drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Psychological Causes: Problems like depression anxiety and over-stress can also result in low sex drive in men. If they tend to remain fatigued most of the time, they naturally would lack the energy and strength to be sexually active.

Low testosterone: One of the most frequently noticed cause of low sex drive in men is low level of testosterone in the body, which basically, a hormone that responsible for a number of physical development such as development of muscles, bone structure and male sexual organs. If it drops, the interest in sex also decreases.

Medical Side Effects: Ask a doctor, when being prescribed certain medications, about the side effects and if the medication may cause low sex drive. If the medication being prescribed causes low sex drive, ask for other options.

Misconception: Do not confuse your problem of low sex drive with erectile dysfunction. Ed is a health problem in which you fail to hold an erection for a long time, whereas Low sex drive is only about having low sexual desire or sexual desire at all.

Other common causes: According to Wikipedia, other than these, a few more causes can be aging, obesity, chronic pain, arthritis, performance anxiety, relationship problems and stress.

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Diagnosing the exact cause for your low interest in sex

If anything troubles you in life, you need to kill its exact cause to end it up from the root and hence, to fight against your problem of low sex drive, you need to diagnose it root cause and treat it properly, so that you find a way to get away with it for your entire life.


Ways to treat low sex drive in Men

Emotional support: While experiencing low sex drive, couples often have relationship problems as sex starts to move out from their life. This is the time when both partners need to tackle the problem quite patiently.

Low testosterone treatment: This is natural with age, but thankfully, a lot of herbal supplements are available in the market to treat it.

Stay fit and healthy: Healthy diet and proper exercise keeps your body fir and flexible. It keeps you away from problems like chronic pain, arthritis and many more and thus, facilitate you maintain interest in sex. Keep a low-fat, balanced diet including lots of vegetables and salmon fish. Avoid products high in sugar.

Thyroid drug treatment: Abnormally, low thyroid cases can also be a reason to the problem of decreased interest in sex. Hence, if you experiencing this health disorder, you must get it treated properly to have an improved sex life. In fact, if you even have a doubt about your thyroid making problem in your sexual activities, you must get your TSH level checked.              

Herbal supplements: A number of herbal supplements such as shilajit, ginkgo and sarsaparilla and many more, are available to boost up your sexual desire. These herbal aphrodisiac boost the libido and exhilarate, reinforce, and magnify sex drive along with all other your sexual sensations.

Frequent sex: Start having sex frequently and spice –up your sex a little more. This majorily helps if stress or other tensions are your cause to low libido. You can use sex toys or can try various new positions to make your sex life more exciting and fun.

Partner’s efforts: While fighting the battle against low sex drive, your partner’s support is very important. Females must take their partner’s condition into serious consideration and support them. 


Low sex drive in men may happen due to a number of reasons and hence, it is important to figure out that exact cause, to root out this problem completely. All you need to do is to talk about it with your partner and your doctor, without any embarrassment, so that proper treatment can be taken.  

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Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: December 25, 2012

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