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Effective Ways to Rejuvenate Low Libido in women

Lack of sex drive or reduced interest in sex is a common problem in women. Termed as low libido, the disorder is largely found to be present in women today.

Symptoms such as diminished desire, trouble in arousal, and inability to have ecstatic orgasm are hallmarks of this disorder.

Although, it is true that a women’s sexual desires fluctuate with her age naturally, low libido for quite a long time may be problematic. Statistically, many researches and studies have shown that around 40 percent of the women complain of having no or very less interest in sex whereas, on the other hand, men who have problems related to sexual dysfunction make about 30 percent.

American Medical association has also suggested that in the United States, several million women suffer from the disorder of female sexual arousal.


Causes for low libido in women

Some of the most common causes these for the widespread of low libido are menstruation, lactation, pregnancy, menopause, drug abuse, diabetes, fatigue, pain during sexual intercourse and many more. According to wikipedia, being underweight and obese, may also cause the problem of low libido. However, not many of these causes are completely permanent and hence, can be cured through treatments and other ways. 

Causes for low libido in women

Ways to revitalize women’s sex drive

Suction vibrators: 

Theseare supposed to boost up the female desire.In the year 2001, a similar device named as EROS was approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat the problem of low sexual desire.Applying suction to clitoris, it increases the sexual desire. In comparison to these, usual non-suction vibrators have also largely helped women to a large extent.

Estrogen Therapy: 

The therapy is apt for those females who suffer from some discomfort during sex and hence, avoid it. The therapy eases out the process of having sex and makes it more comfortable and pleasurable.


Herbal Drugs: 

Eleuthero, Ashwagandha and Catuba found inSiberia, India and Brazil respectively, are some of the very popular herbal drugs, widely knownfor increasing libido in women.



If obesity, fatigue, inflexibility or other such issues are responsible for your decreased interested in sex, then you must try out some special sort of exercises. However, ensure to learn these exercise only under the strict observation of a certifies physical trainer.


Desire cream: 

In the last decade, a few good creams have been introduced. These creams provide tingly sensation in the clitoris.


Mental Counseling: 

Fatigue or some previous poor sexual experience may divert your interest from sex. For this, proper mental counseling is very important. Talking to a counselor and sharing your problems (physical as well as emotional) will bring you relief and appropriate solutions.


Relationship Handling: 

Just like mental counseling, relationship handling can also benefit a lot. If a female is going through a rough phase and start losing interested in sex then the partner may try making a few efforts to comfort her and make the relationship much better, deeper and meaningful.


Erection drugs: 

Although erection drugs like viagara have not proved to be beneficial in case women, it can be said that they may provide some temporary arousal by increasing blood flow to the vagina and clitoris for a few hours. It may also increase lubrication in some women.


Role of testosterone in women’s sexuality: 

Although, clinical evidence supports the option of testosterone as a treatment for low sexual desire, it causes a few side-effects such as enlargement of clitoris, hairiness, spots and heavy voice.



Although the problem of low libido in women is quite high these days, the ways to cure it effective are still many. These treatments are taken in accordance to the cause of your reduced interest in sex. Since, every individual faces different set of reasons, the treatments are also taken accordingly.


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Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: July 01, 2011 

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