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Health benefits of sex

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Good sex holds paramount importance in an individual’s life. Apart from strengthening the bond of love and giving a better dimension to a blooming relationship between couples, sex has numerous health benefits.

Let’s explore them...

Improves your heart health

Research shows that couples who indulge in sex twice or more than that in a week have stronger heart health than those who don’t. Healthy sex reduces risk of cardiac arrest and strokes and lowers hypertension to a considerable extent. One should not think that those peak sexually active moments can increase the heart rate; rather they have similar benefits on the heart as that of walking.

Boosts your immunity

Your immunity increases by almost 30 percent when you have sex at least once or twice a week. This is because sexual activity increases the level of antibody IgA in the body. Thus, it’s a natural way to make yourself immune to cold and flu.

Your sleep deeply when you have healthy sexual life

The relaxing tiredness that individuals experience after having intercourse induces sleep. This is because after a period of heightened orgasm men and women want to relax completely. Couples who make love before going to bed actually have deep and trouble free sleep.

Excellent way to beat stress

While stress takes away the charm of your sex life, you can walk the reverse path. Let not stress affect your sexual experience; instead have sex to beat stress. The physical intimacy and pre sex activities also contribute to calm down your body and get rid of anxiety, stress and depression.

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Healthy sex keeps you happy

There’s a scientific reason behind why good sex is the key to happiness. Sexual stimulation releases the feel-good hormones- endorphin and oxytocin. They directly bring a positive impact on your mood. You feel happy and satisfied after have a good sex.

Keeps you youthful and energetic

Couples who have a satisfied sex life genuinely look young and fresh. Sex injects vitality, vigour and energy in you. Sex enhances production of testosterone and oxytocin in the body which promote overall wellbeing. Your muscles and bones remain strong and so your heart remains young with having sex at least twice a week.

Your skin stays radiant and glowing

Sex has many useful benefits on the skin. The hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) helps in skin repair and regeneration. Apart from this, DHEA also fights skin infection and keeps your skin healthy, glowing and free from wrinkles.

Sex alleviates pain

The endmorphins released during sexual performance can relieve you from headache and fatigue. Sex experts say that good orgasms can soothe the mind. Furthermore, women who experience cramping during periods can also indulge in gentle activities in missionary position to get fair amount of relief from abdominal pain.

It wonderfully tones your body

If you don’t have time for exercise, then get some good sex religiously to receive similar benefits. Sex is a cardio workout. Sweat out by changing positions and experiencing more pleasure. A steamy sex for half an hour can burn calories and sculpt your body.

Now that you know how sex can nourish your health in so many ways, just get intimate with your partner and enjoy the passionate moments to the most.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 29, 2015

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