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Foods to Rev up your sex life

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Foods certainly do impact your sex up. The key elements that you must receive from food to rev up your sex life are vitamin B, tryptophan, omega 3 fats and vitamin E. Your sexual vigour would be restored and enhanced when you receive these substances in adequate amount through natural resources.

Discover the foods that you need to consume to rev up your sex life



Chocolate is fantasized as one of the best aphrodisiacs that could be enjoyed passionately by couples during the act of intimacy. The creamy and smooth texture sets you in the right mood instantly. Chocolate contains the chemical PEA (phenylethylamine) a stimulant for secretion of dopamine which is again a mood elevating substance. So, no wonder you can rely on chocolate to spice up your sex life.



This marvellous and exotic fruit has something truly in it that pumps up your desire to indulge in getting intimate with your partner. Ideally, the scientific reason for why you should eat avocadoes is- it contains omega 3 fats, capable of enhancing your blood circulation. Thus, you get the perfect rush of blood. However the ancient people believed that the shape of the fruits resembles male genitals, thereby making it one of the most desirable aphrodisiacs.



The bright red plush fruit immediately drives you. It’s been scientifically proved that red triggers passion and hunger and for strawberries the former is apt. Strawberries are loaded with vitamin B - the mood elevating vitamin. You can certainly get steady in to some playful and seductive gesture with relishing strawberries along with dark chocolates. Rest, we leave it up to you!

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Almonds are touted as libido boosters. They are enriched with vitamin E and omega 3 fats, essential for boosting your sex drive. Lately, if you and your partner are facing trouble in your sex life due to lack of desire then start having a handful of almonds every day. The other option is to prepare almond milk shake and have it before getting into bed to make the experience more pleasurable.




Apart from the phallic shape of the fruit that attracts women the most, bananas have many other benefits for your sex life. Bananas contain the right dose of vitamin B and magnesium needed for balancing your mood and desire for having sex. It indulges a certain feel good factor which further helps you to savour the pleasure of love making. You can assort a dish with freshly cut bananas, strawberries and avocadoes and enjoy the delicacy together.



Celery contains natural pheromones, viz. androstenone and androstenol, which is known to attract women. Doctors believe that men can chew a few celery sticks or have celery juice right before making love. This is supposed to increase intimacy with his partner. Yes, why not try the recipe next time?

Some more food choice for improving your sex life

Certainly there are a lot more options that you can explore to get the similar or a better effect. They include beet root, figs, eggs, beef and oysters. Spices do have a warming effect in your body as they stimulate blood circulation which helps you to have orgasm. Include cinnamon, cloves, saffron, ginger and cayenne pepper in your dishes in moderate amount for this purpose.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: August 19, 2014

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