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Top 10 causes of erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction means, inability to obtain or sustain a firm erection necessary for a satisfying sexual intercourse. This primarily happens when supply of blood to the penis is impaired due to physical or emotional problems.

Here we explain you the top 10 causes of erectile dysfunction

High Cholesterol and BP

If you have been facing trouble in maintaining erection, then you must get your cholesterol and blood pressure checked. Rise of these two factors cause trouble in blood circulation which ultimately affects erectile function and sexual performance.


There are numerous health complications associated with ED which could be vascular diseases like atherosclerosis or problems in blood circulation to penis. Thyroid gland disorders, diabetes, obesity, stroke, heart disease, chronic kidney and liver disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, prostate enlargement and cancer, Crohn’s disease, etc. lead to ED.

Trauma to penis

ED is often found out in bicycle riders as long term riding can potentially damage the perineum, which is the area between the anus and the scrotum containing the connecting nerves to penis. Another trauma is Peyronie's disease characterized by development of scar tissue inside the penis, implicated with ED.

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Injuries and Surgery

ED, unfortunately can result from spinal cord or pelvic injury as it can potentially damage the nerves that help in erection. Even surgery and treatment of spinal cord, pelvic area and prostate gland might lead to erectile problems. Radiation therapy for prostate cancer and other types of cancer like that of bladder, colon and rectum are also responsible for ED.

Side effects of medicines

Drugs for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol level, anti depressant and antipsychotic drugs are quite likely to affect erectile function in men. Apart from that, medicines used to treat prostate cancer and ulcers can also cause ED.

Hormonal imbalance

Low testosterone in men is one of the primary reasons behind ED. This condition is known as hypogonadism, which could be congenital or acquired. Depletion of testosterone could be a temporary condition as well.

Performance anxiety

Lack of confidence to perform is a clinical condition which is also termed as performance anxiety. This happens when men are too preoccupied with negative vibes before having sex. Thoughts like, “am I doing it right”, “will my partner be happy”, “what if I fail to satisfy”, etc. are some examples of anxiety issues that lead to ED.


Stress and sleep disorders

Stress is one of the most common factors in the current age that is leading to rise in number of men suffering from ED. Work stress, peer pressure, relationship issues, etc. directly affect one’s sexual health. Furthermore, an individual under stress suffers from lack of sleep which negatively affects the mood and sexual desire.

Depression and anxiety

Depression contributes to an individual’s psychological degeneration.  Not only does it cause trouble in having and maintaining an erection, but it also lowers libido eventually. Depression can stem in from personal differences, lack for self esteem and various other kinds of emotional challenges and trauma, which have considerable impact on sexual health of men.

Alcoholism, drugs and tobacco use

Unscrupulous habits like alcoholism, addiction to illicit drugs like cocaine, heroine and marijuana and smoking impair circulation of blood in the penis that degrade the quality of erection quite drastically. It inevitably damages nervous coordination between the brain and the pelvic nerves, thereby leading to

Written by: healthplus24.com, team
Date last updated: Februray 18, 2014

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