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Exercises To Improve Erectile Dysfunction

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The change in lifestyles and diet pave the way for many diseases that can trouble and disturb your happy life. Erectile dysfunction is one such problem that has been troubling many relationships. For anyone struggling with erectile dysfunction, it means the end of their contented sex life. A healthy man will always look forward for a happy and happening sex life. Various studies conducted by researchers have proven that one out of ten men suffers from this. There are so many things that we can do for correcting this problem, from quitting smoking and alcohols to bringing changes in the lifestyle. But, most of us forget one basic thing that is exercise, we gulp in so many medicines but we don’t do any workouts. Researches have revealed that there are exercises that can help you in solving erectile dysfunctions.

We all forget the fact that the important factor for a happy sex life is stamina with a strong body, moreover a healthy and strong heart. Let us look in to some quick and not so complex exercises that anyone can do at home to make you healthy and strong.

1. Lying Pump Exercise:

This exercise helps in strengthening your pelvis muscles. Lie down on your back and slowly raise your right leg while breathing in, hold on this position and count till 5 breaths. Now bring the leg down slowly and repeat this with your right leg. This exercise should not be done faster, done as per recommendations can give good results.


2. Pelvic Floor Exercise

This is the most common exercise advised for people suffering erectile dysfunction. Sit or lie down comfortably on the floor. Squeeze and lift from inside the muscles of anus and urethra. Hold on this position and count till five, release and relax. It is recommended that you should do 8 to 10 times with 10 seconds of resting in between.

3. Kegel’s Exercise

This exercise is advised for both men and women who are suffering from problems related to their sexual life. This exercise strengthens the muscles that stretches from the pelvis region to the tailbone which helps in rectifying and solving problems related to ones sexual performance. In this exercise you have to try and hold your urine. You have to try and stop the urine flow in between and then restart. It is also warned that you should not practice this more than once a week; else it could affect the ability to pass urine.


4. Skipping

Skipping ropes are no toys for small kids; it can be of use for you as well. This is a type of cardio exercise. All you need is to get proper length of the rope that suits your height. There is no special training and method to do rope jumping. Initially begin with jumping up to sixty second and then slowly and gradually increase it up 30 minutes.


5. Cross Push Up Position

Come into the push up position and bring your right leg close to your chest and then stretch it back to the original position. Repeat this with the other legs as well, once you are comfortable you can do it faster.


6. Other Exercises

There are aerobic exercises that can help in correcting erectile dysfunction. Aerobic exercises ensure that the cholesterol levels are normal and there is a proper blood flow that is needed for erection. Yoga, swimming, walking etc are also very helpful in treating this problem.

When you can do so much without any medication, why waste your money and depend on costly medicines for treating something that can be easily cured without medicines? All you have to do follow a healthy diet and most importantly don’t get lazy. The exercises mentioned here don’t need any special equipment nor does it require you to go to gym, all this you can do it at home. Do these exercises regularly and surprise your partner in bed.

Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: June 15, 2013

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