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Checklist ofErection Killers

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The inability to consistently achieve or maintain and erection for adequate sexual penetration is called as erectile dysfunction. For many men, it is quite humiliating to achieve an erection and not being able to maintain it or going soft after successful penetration.

Erectile dysfunction has become a significant health issue in the current times due rise in mental pressure, heart diseases, emotional and relationship concerns.  Despite the underlying health concerns, it becomes more pervasive due to lack of knowledge regarding the factors that kills your erection. The most important factor for an erection is blood flow. So, anything that puts strain on your heart, can affect your performance. Another important factor is testosterone. Any swing in this hormone, it can affect your erection.

There are many factors that kill your erection.For your awareness, we have drawn a checklist of erection killers.

Foods and Drinks

  • Regular consumption of foods containing trans fat can affect your ability to achieve an erection. Such foods typically include pizzas, fries, chips, burgers, canned, and frozen foods.
  • Sugar is your enemy too. If you are feasting on cakes, pastries, cookies, and chocolates every day, then sooner or later you are bound to have problems in your sexual health.
  • Adding excess salt to your foods or eating salt coated foods is also an erection killer due to high content of sodium in salts.
  • Alcoholism or abuse of alcohol can interfere with your performance. Although a peg or two can set you in the right mood, going on a high every time is not advisable.
  • If you are indulging in too many caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee, then you might experience problems in achieving proper erections

Mental Health

  • Depression and sadness are topping the list of mental issues affecting erection. Dealing with relationship issues like a break-up, violence, divorce, infidelity, etc. ultimately negate your sexual desire.
  • Emotional stress is another major erection killer that has affected almost every urban dweller. Work pressure, financial issues and hectic travel dissuade you from the mood of having sex with your partner. It lowers your libido and ultimately makes you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Physical Health

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  • Middle age group people who are overweight (usually suffering from central obesity) do have erection problems. In general, obesity and weight gain are reasons behind erectile dysfunction.
  • If the vital parameters of your body like cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure are on the higher scale, then you would be losing proper erections gradually.
  • Low testosterone is one of the most common killers of erection.
  • People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, disorders of the brain and nervous system and metabolic syndromes can cause to erectile dysfunction.
  • Prostate cancer, prostate or pelvic surgery and undergoing cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy induce erection problems

Drugs and Medicines

  • Chemotherapy drugs like antiandrogens,  ketoconazole, busulfan, etc. damage your sexual performance
  • Long term use of blood pressure medicines like beta blockers and diuretics can potentially subdue erection
  • Doctor also recognizes erection problems to a negative effect of certain antihistamine medications like hydroxyzine, dimenhydrinate, cimetidine, ranitidine, etc.
  • Antidepressants and psychiatric drugs, quite ironically are major contributors of erection problems.  Medicines used for treatment of brain and nervous disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease also fall under the category erection killers.
  • Use of illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana and overdose of nicotine are dangerous for sexual health because they decrease libido and lead to erectile dysfunction.

In many cases, erectile dysfunction (ED) is reversible. Some changes in your lifestyle and you get back your ‘mojo’. Don’t think too much and keep away all stress when you are ready to perform. Speak to your partner regarding any apprehensions you have and build a healthy relationship.There are many medicines available that help one overcome erection problems. However, always take these medications only under expert medical guidance. Consult with your doctor regarding your lifestyle and make a potential checklist for erection killers in your case.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: April 18, 2015

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