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10 things men should not do on first date

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On a first date! Excited, nervous, jittery or getting mixed feelings? These emotions are natural if you have never dated before as you begin anticipating a lot of things. To some extent, the prospect of a new relationship depends on this first date while going by the proverb, “first impression is the last impression”.   

For your help we have come up with “10 things that men should not do on a first date”


1. Never come late and make your lady wait

Yes, indeed this is the first turn off! Who likes to wait alone in the cafe or movie hall, especially if it’s your first date? To make the situation worse, you start making up excuses after arriving. Oh boy! Remember every girl knows the trick. So pack up your bags early, postpone all impending work, head on and be on spot, best before her. 


2. Forgetting your wallet is a sin

Don’t dare to forget your wallet; else be prepared for embarrassment! Period. 


3. Keep your cell phone aside

Dating is not the time to use your cell phone for other matters. Ditch twitter, facebook, emails, messages, chats, etc. when you are on a date. Shower your interest on her and not on the phone. 

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4. Never every talk about self all the time

Ask any girl about a self obsessed guy and she would swear not to meet him again. Yes, certainly don’t keep zip up your lips; but try to strike a conversation that reveals you are interested in her and not solely about self. Do not display narcissist behaviour in your dates. 


5. Don’t shoot creepy questions

Don’t ask stupid questions like, “how many cousins you have”, “what is your total job experience”, “how may birthmarks you have”, “What plans about kids”. Remember, girls hate such questions. 


6. Don’t be an obtuse man

If you are a bit obtuse with your mannerisms, then learn to transform them before hitting a date night. For example, if you’re stepping out from a car then try to open the door for her. Ask if you should help her while pouring the coffee or serving the food on plate or maybe you can take the initiative. These simple gestures make a wonderful difference. 


7. Do not hog on food or drink like a fish

Well, we are not asking you to starve. But be little moderate with your style of eating and drinking. Order food, eat slowly; enjoy the drink without getting sloshed. Above all, ask your lady if she likes the experience. 


8. Do not lament about your past in your first date

You hardly know her, so do not open up like a champagne bottle in your first date. Your current date might not be really interested in knowing your past heartbreaks right today! The other way round, be little subtle with your answers if she ends up asking you. Choose crisp sentences like, “yeah it’s over”, “I’ve moved on”, etc. 


9. Do not ask blatantly about her past

We insist you not to enquire about her past on this day. Why to dig in each other’s past, fire up bitter memories and spoil your present? Well, there are so many things to talk about each other; so make the most of your date! 


10. Do not propose for sex out of the blue

Lot many girls are not comfortable with ending up their first date with sex while some are keen. So it depends on how your date went all through and how comfortable you both are with each other. Thus, be careful before taking the plunge.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: August 20, 2014

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