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How important is Zinc for us

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Although required in very less amount, but that meagre quantity is vital for proper functioning of your system. Zinc deficiency is associated with retarded growth, hypogonadism in males, loss of senses, hair fall and many more things. Right from assisting metabolic to regulatory to nervous functions, zinc plays a major role in restoring health of both men and women.

We shall elaborate the importance of zinc in the following content.


Zinc helps in protein synthesis

Protein synthesis is a vital process that all living beings undergo for growth and development, repair and regeneration. When you eat zinc rich foods sufficiently you don’t have to worry about maintaining your physical stature or muscle mass. Since protein synthesis takes place optimally in presence of zinc, you are less vulnerable to hair loss, deficient skin growth, brittle nails and other repair mechanisms taking place properly in your body.


Zinc for strong immune system

Zinc tablets are a very common treatment option for cold, infections, rashes, acne, ulcers, etc. The reason is simple- zinc is an immune booster. It helps you to get rid of the infection and enhance healing of the wounds. Your doctor might prescribe you zinc supplements if you are not meeting the RDA value. Primary sources of zinc are sea food, beef and lamb. Vegetarian sources include pumpkin and squash seeds, spinach, wheat germ, mushrooms, beans, chickpeas, cashews, etc. So you can include these foods in your daily diet.

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Zinc during pregnancy

Zinc, like iron and folic acid is a must needed mineral for pregnant women. The need is certainly high during this crucial time as you are supporting growth and development of your baby. Many cases have been reported of preterm birth, low birth weight, congenital defects, etc. due to zinc deficiency in pregnant mom. Therefore make sure you are consuming this prenatal supplement as directed by your doctor. 


Zinc for your bones

With inadequate amount of zinc in your body, your bones would soon lose their strength and density and would become fragile. Why so? The answer is, zinc is a vital co-factor required for production of new osteoblasts (single cell nuclei that synthesize bones) and their stimulation. Thus you can relate to the fact that deficiency of zinc is one of the reasons behind osteoporosis. For this reason, your doctor would either ask you to get enough zinc from natural sources or give you supplements.


Other reasons why zinc is important for us

  • Zinc is necessary for men as it nourishes the sperm and improves its quality
  • It boosts overall sexual health for both men and women. Zinc is a libido boosting mineral
  • You must suffice the RDA of zinc daily to better memory, concentration, reasoning and other cognitive skills. That’s why it is used in the treatment of AHDH and Alzheimers disease
  • It enhances your sense of smell and taste
  • Get enough zinc in your diet for dense and lustrous hair and healthy nails
  • You are less likely to suffer from thyroid problems
  • Zinc ensures proper vision and protects your eyes from infection

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Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: August 17, 2014

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