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Testicular Pain

Most men suffer from pain down there! And by that I mean pain in the testicles.

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Many would rather suffer from that pain than visit the doctor. Testicular pain is not your regular pain. It definitely indicates something is wrong within your body. Medical help is what you need to get rid of the pain. It’s time you notice the pain and help save your sex-organs before it’s too late.

What is Testicular Pain?

Pain in one or both the testicles along with the pain scrotum at times is considered as testicular pain. One may suffer from acute (sudden) pain, subactute or chronic (long term) pain. The pain may occur within or around one or both testicles. The pain may even arise somewhere in the abdomen or groin region and spread towards the scrotum sac.

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What Causes Discomfort in the Testicles?

Testicular pain can arise due to many reasons. Some reasons are quite common and easily treatable. In some cases, the cause can be very serious and requires medical attention.


Men protect their scrotum sac with their life. They are quite right in doing so as it is one of the most sensitive and delicate areas of a man’s body. Thus, you will find men playing aggressive sports wear a jock strap and a groin guard.

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If one does get hit below the belt, they may suffer from swelling and bruising. This will reduce in a few days. But one may complain of a dull ache that causes a lot of discomfort. Painkillers, supportive underwear, and hot compress will help ease the pain.

2.Inguinal hernia

Many times men who lift heavy loads are susceptible to abdominal hernias. Hernias are of many types and one such type is an indirect inguinal hernia. This hernia occurs at the point where your body meets the thighs. It causes pain and discomfort in the testicles.


Infection of the epididymis is called as epididymitis. When the testicles are infected, it is called as orchitis. When both are infected together, it is called as epididymo-orchitis. This infection is usually bacterial, but viral infections can also occur. One suffers from pain, swelling, hot to touch testicles and tender scrotum.

4.Testicular torsion

If you experience severe to unbearable pain, never avoid visiting a doctor. At times, the spermatic cord inside the scrotum gets twisted. This stops the blood flow into the testicles. Sounds painful? Well, you definitely can’t imagine the pain and agony one may go through in this case. If left untreated, it may lead to the loss of one or both testicles. Only surgery is the answer to overcome this agony. Testicular torsion is a serious condition and should never be ignored. Surgery may help save a testicle and prevent future occurrence of testicular torsion.


Heard about a bag of worms? Wriggling, moving, irritating. Well, this is the feeling one has in their testicles when they stand. This condition is called as varicocele. It is similar to the varicose veins one experiences in their legs. It causes the veins in the scrotum to enlarge and cause the blood to collect.It causes mild pain and in some agonizing pain. Soon, the varicocele will grow in size and requires medical help.Medications like anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery will help treat this bag of worms.

6.Kidney Stones

Wondering what do kidney stones have to do with your testicles? In many cases, it has been found, stones in the kidney cause pain that radiates down to the testicles. So, it is advisable to visit the doctor for any pain mild, moderate to severe in the testicles. You never know you may be suffering from some other condition that requires medical help.

7.Blue Balls

Sounds funny? Well, not a funny condition for those who suffer from ‘blue balls’. It is a slang term used for a condition where there is temporary congestion in the testicles. It causes prolonged dull pain in the prostate region or acute pain in the testicles. This condition occurs when men suffer from unsatisfied sexual arousal. The congestion in the tubes carrying sperms can be relieved by masturbation in many cases.

8.Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer like all cancers sneaks up on its victim. It never causes pain or any type of discomfort in the testicles. Then why do I mention this condition in this list? Because it is one of the most serious condition that affects males in the age group of 20-39 years. And also has the highest rate of cure in all cancers. This is true in almost all cases that have not metastasized. Any strange lump that you may feel in your scrotum sac should be examined by a doctor. It is better to be safe and more sure than sorry later.

When Do You Need to See a Doctor ASAP

If you experience sudden, severe pain your testicle or testicles, seek medical attention immediately. In other cases, a doctor’s visit is necessary when you suffer from mild pain in the testicle for more than a couple of days. If you observe a swelling or lump in and around your testicle. You should also visit a doctor, in case the pain does not subside after you take over-the-counter pain medications like aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

This was all about testicular pain. Make an appointment with your doctor without wasting time, if you experience chronic or acute pain in your testicle. The key to recovery is a quick discovery of any underlying condition to your pain.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: January 15, 2015

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