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Low libido in men

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Libido is the desire to indulge in sexual activity. Having a proper libido or something more than normal is nothing wrong, because the better the sex drive of your partner the more pleasurable your sexual life is. On the contrary loss of libido is something to think about and it can affect both the genders. However, here we would talk about libido in men.


What factors control libido in men?

Libido is biologically governed by the hormone testosterone, which plays a pivotal role in boosting sexual drive in men.

Apart from hormonal reasons, the kind of relationship he has with his partner/spouse and the kind of lifestyle he is leading are majorly responsible for libido.

Men who indulge in sexual activity and have an intensely satisfied relationship with their spouses tend to have proper libido. A happy and stress free mind with healthy lifestyle including physical exercise and balanced diet are quintessentially needed for men to take their libido to the next level.


Low Libido in Men: An overview

It’s a cause of concern when your libido is decreased. As per statistics, 1 out of 5 men has encountered this problem at some point of their life. Thus, you can figure out that low libido is not something uncommon.  

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Warning signs of low libido in men 

  • You are never the initiator of sex; the desire is always expressed by your partner
  • You lack sexual feelings towards your partner, neither think or fantasize about sex
  • Your frequency of sex has decreased as low as one a month or the gap is for an extended period
  • You consider sex more of responsibility or compulsion than a pleasurable experience, thus making it mechanical 
If the aforementioned pointers hold true for you then you are probably on the track of waning libido.


Factors responsible for low libido in men

Lifestyle and relationship

Stress, depression and anxiety are the most common reasons behind decrease of libido in men. It is further complicated if you have troubled relationships with your spouse and family

Hormonal reasons

Low levels of testosterone contribute to lack sexual desire in men. Apart from that if the chemicals in your brain like dopamine are low then it can also lessen your libido.

Medical reasons

Low libido could be side effects of medicines or a surgery. Men with problems in prostate gland, with diabetes and high cholesterol, obesity, STDs, etc. are prone to having libido problems.


How men should deal with libido issues?

The brighter side of this problem is- it can be solved. You can take the following action: 

  • If you have recognised your problem then do not delay to seek advice from a sexologist and help yourself.
  • Don’t freak out to initiate a matured conversation with your spouse. Communicate your feelings to make the situation normal.
  • Apart from the therapies, treatment or the medicines that your doctor has advised, you have to try yourself to create a bang in your sex life
  • Take break from your office and enjoy romantic holiday with your spouse to rekindle the spark in your life. Loss of libido is reversible; you are most likely to restore it back with change of ambiance and mind.
  • Focus on losing weight and incorporate some physical activities in your day-to-day schedule. This helps to regulate blood circulation in your body and changes your sexual response.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: August 08, 2014

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