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Good Bladder Tips


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Your bladder (or urinary bladder) is a vital organ of your body that stores urine and controls the urination process. People with weak bladder succumb to infections and different types of incontinence which when become severe interfere with day to day life. Thus, it’s important to incorporate certain habits to maintain health of the bladder.


We explain you the tips to having good bladder:

Do not hold on urination

This is important especially for women as they are more prone to urinary tract infections. If you hold on urine it flows back again to your bladder; thereby triggering urinary tract infections. It also makes you vulnerable to having bladder stones. Therefore, the first bladder tip is- let it out, do not postpone


Keep yourself hydrated

Hydration is important to flush out toxins from your body and it eases function of kidneys and the bladder also. Thus, when you drink adequate water the whole urinary system works properly- you empty your bladder at least 7-9 times a day which in indeed a sign of a good bladder.

However, if you have an overactive bladder then drinking too much water may not be a wise choice. So consult with your doctor regarding the total volume of water you must consume in a day.


Avoid irritants and dietary triggers

There are several foods that can increase irritation in your bladder and make urge incontinence worse. Foods and drinks that you need to consume as less as possible are: alcohol, coffee, tea, spicy food, sugary fruit juices, citrus juices, colas, sodas and chocolates. The more you eliminate these items from your diet the better is your bladder health.


Kegel exercises for the bladder

Kegel exercises are particularly directed towards improving the holding capacity of bladder by strengthening the pelvic muscles. You can see an urologist to grab the right techniques for doing Kegel exercises. The exercises help people to improve upon bladder incontinence.


Yoga for your bladder

Several yoga postures are designed for improving function of the bladder muscles. People who have weak bladder, have problems with leaking urine or frequently suffer from bladder infections must perform bladder training under the guidance of an instructor.

Yoga postures that efficiently strengthen your bladder control are: Chair Pose (Utkatasana), Triangle Pose (Trikonasana), and Squat Pose (Malasana), and the bound anglepose.


Maintain hygiene

Your personal hygiene is crucial for good health of your bladder. Both men and women should ensure that they rinse their private parts properly after urinating or post bowels movements and also after sexual intercourse. If you are vulnerable to UTIs then you can have a teaspoon of D-mannose for a few days with water. It’s a natural substance that protects from E.coli infections.


Foods that you must eat for a healthy bladder

Cranberry juice: Pure and fresh cranberry juice has the potential to protect your bladder against infections and it also regulates urination. Fresh cranberries or their juice is rich in antioxidants which boost immunity of your bladder. You can also have apple and grape juice

Yogurt: An excellent food choice for healthy bladder is yogurt. However, make sure it’s organic and sugar free. The acidity of the yogurt saves you from bladder infections and reduces risk of bladder cancer.

Potassium rich foods: Bananas, avocadoes, coconut water and tomatoes contain high amount of potassium which optimizes blood circulation in your bladder and increases its function to hold and expel urine.

Follow the tips explained above to maintain a healthy bladder for in the long run.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: October 21, 2014

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