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Exercise to reduce stress


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Stress is a silent killer and is the root cause of a wide array of health complications that include obesity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, etc. But the good news is- stress can be managed through exercise. So how is that possible? We explain you here...


Get your body moving, SLOWLY

If you are channelizing all your energy to zap off the stress, then you need to begin slowly. High impact exercises would not help you to relieve stress. The physical activity that you indulge in would help your body release endorphins, thereby helping you to relax your mind and get over stress.


Outdoor walking

When have you last enjoyed the sight of greenery or have felt the soft breeze sweeping on your body? The mere imagination of nature brings peace to your mind... So go for a morning walk or an evening walk in a park to release your tension, anxiety and stress. Make it a ritual and get addicted to it to keep stress at the bay.

“Happy exercises” is the key to beat stress

A lot of people find going gym every day a tedious chore and no doubt it doesn’t help to alleviate stress. To get the same dose of exercise, try those activities that you enjoy and have fun. This way your mind will get automatically diverted from worrisome and stressful thoughts. Some wonderful examples of happy exercises are:

  •  Swimming
  •  Dancing
  •  Water aerobics or normal aerobics
  •  Kickboxing
  •  Taichi
  •  Outdoor sports – badminton, cricket, volleyball, football, hockey, etc.

For this matter, you are free to do anything that you love. As you begin to get engrossed in the activities, you will gradually realize how simple and beautiful your life is.


Play with your pet or kids outdoor

Do not be a couch potato after returning from office. Motivate yourself to remain active to spend some time playing with your kids or pet, outdoors. Take them to children’s park, garden, etc. and play. Remember any form of movement is exercise. You can walk with your pet or indulge in sporty games with it. At the end of the day, all you experience is happiness and a relaxed state of mind.


Combine yoga with breathing techniques and meditation

Apart from heart problems, weight gain, diabetes, etc., you are quite likely to suffer from backache, neck stiffness and headache from stress. The remedy to all these problems is yoga and when combined with meditation, you experience inner peace. In this regard, you have to follow 3 steps:

  • Indulge in mild stretching activities under the guidance of a trainer to release pain and ache from your body
  • Restore your health in a holistic way with breathing techniques like deep breathing, alternate nostril breathing, and cooling breath techniques
  • The last step is meditation – which implies emptying of mind. Lie down or sit, take depth breath and release out by chanting “Om”. Close your eyes, maintain normal breathing and do not think of anything.

Note: If you really want to get rid of stress then you have to follow the tips we have explained in this article, utmost religiously.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: June 16, 2014

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