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Ways to stop snoring

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The loud noise that you make while sleeping is indeed annoying and disturbing for the person sleeping beside you. The worst thing about snoring is the person who snores in most cases is not ready to accept the fact that he/she snores! Arrghh! We dedicate this article to all snorers to be little cautious while you sleep and learn the ways to stop snoring. Take a note of the tips we offer you...

Check and knock out those factors triggering snores

You will be suggested with many different cures for snoring. There is nothing like a miracle cure and many times a combination of these cures helps minimize the severity and frequency of snoring.

Some of the self-help tips for snoring are as follows:

  1. Check your sleeping posture. You are most likely to snore when you sleep on your back and lie down flat. Your throat muscles get relaxed the most in that posture and the vibration in them triggers the noise. Therefore, try to sleep on your side with your head supported on a pillow to avoid snoring.
  2. Check the humidity in your room. If the environment is too dry, then increase the humidity because dryness in air passages can make you snore.
  3. Check with your doctor if the pills (sedatives and sleeping pills) that you might be taking are making you snore. Your doctor might consider re-adjusting the dose or probably the side effect is just temporary which would disappear after a certain period.
  4. Use a decongestant before going to bed because the blocked and stuffy nose triggers snoring. This is only a temporary solution to cure snoring related to cold.

Natural remedies for snoring

Unfortunately, there are very few natural remedies that promise to act against snoring. Nonetheless, you can try to irrigate your nose to get rid of accumulated mucus and dust, which often cause snoring. You can also add a few drops of warm butter or ghee in your nostrils before sleeping.

Lifestyle changes for snoring

We suggest you to consult a doctor who can probably figure out what exactly is making you snore and then recommend the much needed modifications. Certain things that you need to consider and change are:

  1. Control weight gain. Accumulation of fat around the throat squeezes the throat muscles which further make you snore while sleeping. Thus, it is important to exercise and lose weight to achieve a permanent cure for snoring.  
  2. Avoid consuming alcohol at least five hours before hitting the bed. Try to quit smoking and protect yourself from secondhand smoke. All these are contributing factors to snoring.
  3. Practice hygiene. Make sure your bedroom, bed, bed sheets and pillow covers are dust free. Also check for dust mites, pollens and other allergens. Vacuum clean immediately, if present, or change the upholstery.
  4. Get adequate and a smooth sleep. Avoid stress and overtiring yourself because you tend to snore under such circumstances.
  5. There are several breathing techniques to improve snoring. You can check with a yoga trainer and learn them properly to get good results.

Mechanical devices to stop snoring

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Doctors often give nasal CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device for those with sleep apnea and snoring problems. There are many anti-snoring OTC device aids available like nose and chin straps, mouthpieces, herbal sprays, and snoring pillows. However, we would suggest you to consult your doctor before using them.

These were a few tips on how to stop snoring. Snoring is not a dangerous health problem in itself, but it could indicate a serious underlying health issue. Speak to your doctor about your snoring habits and find a solution for this noisy condition.

Written by: Batul nafisa

Date last updated: March 06, 2015

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