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Dark chocolates and skin benefits

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Dark chocolates have an exceptionally high consumption rate in the beauty industry. And why not? After all they bring forth promising effects on the skin. The cacao (extracted from cocoa beans) is packed with natural vitamins and antioxidants which benefit the skin in many different ways. Dark chocolates, unlike milk chocolates contain large amounts of natural cocoa. Let’s explore how you can use benefit from using dark chocolates over your skin.

Dark chocolates for a young looking skin

Dark chocolate is the secret behind ageless beauty. The bitter ingredient cocoa present in dark chocolate antagonizes secretion of stress hormones- which are responsible for collagen breakdown and inducing wrinkles in your skin. Simply put, dark chocolates prevent oxidative stress on skin. Also vitamin B 12 is a mood elevator and it occurs naturally in dark chocolates. So, no stress no wrinkles. Enjoy eating dark chocolates.  

Dark chocolate is your natural sun screen

Dark chocolates are stacked up with flavonols, which promise to protect your skin from sun tan. If you are beach bummer, you better start eating dark chocolates to guard yourself from that unsightly redness and overdose of sun burn. You can also apply a mask of dark chocolate over your face and exposed skin as well post sun bath. The tan would go off easily.

Vying for a silky smooth skin? Dark chocolate is your remedy

Look for the bitter versions with at least 70% of cocoa. They are the real wonders for your skin. You can melt the chocolate and cool it a little (check the temperature before applying on skin) or simply buy melted dark chocolates and apply directly over your skin as a pack. Allow your skin to soak in the goodness of cocoa and then wash off with cold milk or cold water. And if you have some extra bucks to shell out just hit a spa for a chocolate wrap. Blush in glory, it’s amazingly relaxing!  

Dark chocolate waxing- give a twist to your hair removal regime

Heard of chocolate wax? I’m sure you‘ve. But make sure your beautician is using dark chocolates as they have lot more beauty benefits than regular milk chocolates. Definitely the results are a way better than a normal wax. If done correctly, your skin won’t get those after wax red spots and itchiness, which are common woes of a sensitive skin. Instead, you can actually feel the smoothness all over your skin rendered by the dark chocolate.

Make a DIY scrub for your skin with dark chocolates

Just say, “oh so good”! A body scrub with dark chocolate is a wonderful recipe to rev up your skin. Get a bar of dark chocolate and grate it. Add two teaspoons of brown sugar, generous amounts of lemon juice and a few egg whites. Blend it and scrub your body. Try it out regularly for the darkened and most exposed areas like your elbows, knuckles, feet and neck. The antioxidants present in dark chocolates start spinning their magic on your skin.

How to choose the right one: Always go for dark chocolates with 70 percent or more cocoa. If you are eating it, then opt for minimally sweetened versions sans milk solids. For body scrubs, you can buy products combined with milk solids or sugar.

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Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: June 08, 2015

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