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10 healthy foods that ensure perfect skin

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1. Salmon

To have a beautiful skin, applying various creams and lotions is not the only solution. To have flawless skin, feed the body with healthy foods – and one example of this type of food is the wild salmon, which has a powerful effect on keeping the skin soft and smooth. Eating this fish also decreases occurrence of acne and scaly skin.

2. Carrots and sweet potatoes

Eating sweet potato makes the skin beautiful and soft due to its vitamin A content. And if you don’t like sweet potatoes that much eat carrots, which have a similar effect.

3. Mangoes and watermelons

Juicy mangoes and watermelons have plenty of carotenoids, which play a major role in protecting your skin from sunburn. So, by consuming these tasty gifts of nature one can have perfect and glowing skin within a short period of time.

4. Oysters

Seafood is a storehouse of minerals and vitamins that can do your skin wonders. Seafood also improves the health of nails and hair apart from the skin. Oysters have high zinc content, and zinc is very good for a healthy scalp and hair. In fact, oysters have higher content of zinc per serving than any other food item in nature.

5. Grapefruits, kiwis, and oranges – foods with high Vitamin C

Collagen is the most abundantly occurring protein in the human body, and is very important in connecting bones, tendons, muscles and the skin. Any food is a super food for the human body if it increases collagen. Vitamin C helps stimulate the growth of collagen – hence oranges, grapefruits and kiwis slow down the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent dry skin.

6. Peppers

Peppers, too, have high amount of vitamin C. Chili pepper can also speed up the body’s metabolism. This pepper also contains capsaicin – a natural element that allows for better skin, and protects it from possible damage.

7. Dark chocolate

Sure, dark chocolate can make you grow fat – but chocolate also helps in achieving healthier and softer skin due to high levels of cocoa flavanols.

8. Yogurt

Yogurt is one wonder food that can help you have a perfect skin in very short time. Consuming yogurt also provides vital probiotics, and is low in fat content – helping you stay trim.

9. Nuts and almonds

If you want to snack on something, do it with nuts such as almonds and walnuts – as they have high levels of Vitamin E, which protects the skin from environmental damage, skin flare-ups, and skin irritations.

10. Spinach

No list of super foods for a perfect skin can be without including adequate amount of green and leafy vegetables. Eat lots of arugula and spinach, as they are rich in antioxidants, which help remove blemishes from the skin, and provide the radiance that you desire.

So, stock up on these 10 food items to ensure that your skins stays healthy and clear. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water for the flawless skin you always wanted.

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Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: February 06, 2015

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