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Myths and facts about osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is prevalent more among women, especially post menopause. Being a popular health condition, people in general are familiar with the disease but do not know exactly what it is and how does it affect one. Thus, the concept they bear in mind is not 100% accurate. So we have debunked the myths over here and presented you the facts about osteoporosis.


Myth- Osteoporosis is a disease only of postmenopausal women

Fact- It’s a totally wrong concept. As we have explained in the introductory paragraph, that postmenopausal women are vulnerable i.e. 4 to 5 times more at risk. At the same time it’s also true that osteoporosis can occur in men also, especially older adults having deficiency of testosterone hormone.


Myth- Osteoporosis affects only old people

Fact- Loss of bone density and risk of fractures show up mostly in old people. But the process is gradual, i.e. it might initiate at younger age and fractures would occur when your bones have lost their regeneration potential. Furthermore, if it runs in the family then younger men and women can also have osteoporosis. Thus, you should get over the concept that osteoporosis affects only old people. 


Myth - You can feel osteoporosis

Fact- Osteoporosis is a silent disease that does not show up any symptoms, until your bones start breaking. It is then you realize something’s gone wrong. This happens when the bones have become so porous that the rate of degeneration exceeds the rate of generation of new bone tissues. A bone scan test can confirm that you have osteoporosis.


Myth- The bones break only if you fall or have an accident

Fact- Quite unfortunately the aforementioned statement is not true. You don’t have to wait for an unforeseen incident to break your bones. When bones become intensely porous, weak and fragile they start breaking on their own. Yes, you can very well sense a fracture all of a sudden while lying on your bed changing sides or while getting up. It just happens...


Myth- Osteoporosis is extremely painful

Fact- Osteoporosis is a progressive disease and you do not feel the pain when your bones start losing their density and porosity. But all of a sudden you might experience back pain or pain in your hip and other joints and it happens only when the fracture has occurred. It could be fracture in the spine, wrist or hip.


Myth- Osteoporosis is not as serious as cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders or cancers

Fact- We wish it was not serious! But it is...Having a fracture at old age can make an individual bed ridden for rest of the life and eventually cause death. Loss of porosity in bones and incidence of traumatic fracture can lead to several other neurological, psychological and cardiovascular conditions in an individual which calls for proper medical care.


Myth- Osteoporosis cannot be reversed

Fact- First of all, you need to go for a routine health check up to rule out osteoporosis. If you have been diagnosed with the disease, then early treatment involving bone regeneration strategy (includes improving bone density and reducing porosity with medicines like calcium and vitamins supplements) can reverse the disease. Fractures are treated with latest technologies although complete recovery from hip or spinal fractures is doubtful for very old people.

Educate yourself more about the disease from a doctor to nullify your misconceptions.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: April 13, 2014

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